The Onion-discovering your truth

The Onion

Look at your ego, ideas, beliefs, opinions and personality as an onion. Most people slowly peel back one layer at a time. That’s how they learn and grow. The more of the onion that is gone the more awareness you have and the less suffering you have. Some people get stuck and become attached to a part of the onion and never want it to change and hold on to it even thought it’s time to move on and peel back another layer. Can you see how this would cause suffering?

Actually the entire onion is a form of suffering and you can create more suffering by the way you choose to play with the onion. The dark night of the soul is waking up to half of the onion missing and freaking out because you now seem to be lost without it. The person who truly understood the above now lives peacefully in the present moment, has become self empowered, needs no more outside information and threw this book away before reading this part. They went inside, saw the onion and threw the onion out the window!


Valuable Tips

  • Live and let live
  • Do not blame or judge others
  • No fear
  • Be self empowered with little to no need for outside information
  • Be awake and aware
  • Peacefully accept what is in the here and now, the present moment
  • Experience life truly and start to see through duality
  • Be completely effortless and go with the flow
  • Peacefully accept what life shows you
  • Allow for this process to naturally unfold
  • No struggle no fighting no trying
  • Simply being as you are

How can I not be angered by war and starvation?

Anger, anxiety, sadness, etc. only hurts you. It takes away your awareness which takes away your power. I personally do not agree with nor accept war or starvation and I do not believe in that game nor will I play that game. By not accepting it you are not giving any power to it. It’s not to say people will not still starve and there will be no more wars but you will not be adding energy to these situations.

A peace rally and a war protest look similar but usually have two completely different energies. The protest is usually built out of anger and hate towards the government. This only adds more harmful energy to the fire that is already burning. The resistance of war in a hateful and angry manner allows the war to persist. A peace rally on the other hand is peacefully asking there to be no more war without any hate or anger toward the war makers. War begets war. Fear and anger begets fear and anger.

Bring the awareness to the situation and forgive them for they know not what they do. This will bring clarity to the situation so all will see what is going on and real change but most people are wired and programmed to fight. Fight against war. War against war. It doesn’t work.. On an energetic level it works very similar to thoughts.

Once you stop feeding a thought with energy the thought dies. Once you stop feeding a war with anger, fear, hate, etc. it dies. The players of war will be seen in their true selfish, hateful and greedy light that they are working with. Once the light of awareness uncovers this for more and more people to see the game of war and the war ends.

This is hard to swallow for most people but I feel this to be true. If you become still and know. You will see how this game works. You can’t just take my word for it. This is how microcosm effects the macrocosm. Once you stop your internal struggle and war the external struggle and war will begin to soften and drop away as well.

You will begin to see people in power are playing games with war and starvation. War and starvation are also catalysts for us to learn. When you are a child you play with dolls to learn certain things. Once you out grow the dolls and childish games they drop away never to be used again in the same way.

This is true with war and starvation. Once we learn and see these games of war and starvation are horrible and useless and are only being used to create fear, inequality and division we will drop the games. It’s simple evolution. Only now the planet and nature/spirit is saying “Hey! You can’t play that here any longer. I will not support it”. Not many are listening though. So be still, listen and know. Let others play their games. Do not agree or accept these games as yours and you are now karma free of their games.

This relates to how we are a lot of the times defeated by our social loyalties. I say throw all loyalties away. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all equal. Family should be no more important than friends or even people you don’t know. This is not to say that you may not like your friends and family more or that you prefer them over other people but you realize all people are to be looked at as equal. The social belief system that blood is thicker than water causes great suffering. Many catalysts are presented by this one.

What about the daughter who was raped by her father? Should she still be loyal? What about the parent who never stop telling their son what to do? At what point should this blind loyalty be questioned? How many parents are in failed, miserable marriages and then yell at their children for getting a divorce?

Shouldn’t these unhappy parents be glad that their children are smart enough to stop a game of suffering? As you become still and you start to see all of these false ties you have and false loyalties they finally have a chance to break free. If you are a slave to a person, society, religion, education system, belief system, etc and you don't not know you are a slave to it. What are the chances you will be able to become free from it.

I’m not saying to not love your friends and family. I’m saying love your friends and family and everyone so much that you can let them be free as well as letting yourself be free.

Our Language Deceives Us

Love like meditation is an abused word. When people hear mediation they think of no thinking, I now have to experience peace and a whole checklist of what meditation is. I say throw all of your judgments and checklists away! When I say meditation I mean becoming quiet, being awake and aware, truly witnessing what is arising in the present moment, having no judgments, no agenda, no trying, no technique, just simply being free and natural experiencing her and now.

Does this sound like your definition of meditation? How many have tos do you have in your definition of meditation? I say throw them all away! Be natural.

You don’t “have to” do anything in meditation. Just be. The word love is like this. People usually use the word love for lust or they use it as a gift that can be given and taken away. Love cannot be given or taken away. That is something else. That’s a game some is playing using the word love.

Love is accepting what is, love is understanding, it’s free, it’s accepting without judgment or fear. Love is freedom to live and let live. Love has no buts. You will not hear true love used like this: I love you so much but… That is not love. That is control. That is jealousy. That is fear. Not love. Love allows. Love accepts. In fact love cannot be defined. You can say what love is not but it’s harder to say what love is. So I will try not to label love too much.

Our language also builds and reinforces the boxes we choose to live in. As soon as you say I am something you are putting yourself in a box. I am cold. No your body is cold. The one you are calling I is fine. Go inside and see for yourself. The I is the one witnessing everything and yet is untouched by anything.

I am a doctor. No you perform actions that a doctor performs but you are not a doctor. You are the one witnessing the performance and you are the one performing. We have to use language and it may seem like I am knit picking here. Hey! Who is this I am I speak of anyway? I’m just trying to show how language can glue you to a title or a sensation and why you begin to take it personally.

You start to believe you are the title and or the sensation and you start to believe all of the stories about the title or sensation, you believe all of their shoulds and the should nots that come along with the title. You start to believe you are the box and you get trapped in a role. Let go of all titles and let all of your boxes fall. If you are a mom you will still be a mom and you can call yourself a mom but you will know you are the one witnessing and seemingly playing a role of a mom really. You will then be a free mother!

WHAT IS NORMAL? Loosen Your Grip on their “Reality”

What’s normal? Is the mainstream normal? Is our society, government, parents and media the ones who say what normal is? According to science 90% of the atom is space. 90% empty! Atoms are the building blocks of our bodies. Doesn’t that make our bodies 90% empty as well? Everything we hear, see, smell and feel is filtered so we can perceive things as being solid and so we can navigate in this realm.

So, with this small piece of science saying atoms are 90% empty and our senses filtering information, we perceive things with a limited view of reality. We all have different ways to filter the information around us. Some of us see more clearly than others. Some of us hear more clearly than others. So who’s normal do we use?

Which reality is the normal reality? I think the answer may be to never have a normal reality!!! Be the spacious being you are! Don’t be trapped in someone’s normalcy game. Loosen your grip on their reality and then let go. You don’t even have to believe your thoughts about reality or what is normal. You don’t have to believe what others say. If you stop and become awake and aware you will know what reality is and you will be free.

Here’s An Exercise

Get a blank peace of paper. This paper represents infinity. Now start to draw a tiny circle on the paper for every idea or definition you have. Draw a circle for every description you have about yourself. Make the circles like cells touching one another and keep drawing them as beliefs and definitions come to you that you believe are true without a doubt.

If you fill up one paper get another and continue. Remember the paper is infinite so you can make as many circles as you need to and use as many peaces of paper as you need. Well go ahead. Stop reading and do it why don’t ya? OK so now look at the paper. The circles you see are the boxes in which you live. It is your ego, built structures, programs, etc. You can drop all of these circles and be free. Live in/from the infinite. So much space, unlimited space yet we choose to live so small. Let go and be free with infinite space and awareness.

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