Belief Systems and how to change your life

Belief Systems

Your belief is that you have to be a good child and you have to please your parents.

One day you do something wrong and your mom’s not feeling well and she says you are so stupid! You hear this and a part of you believes this. You get a pain in your stomach. Life goes on and you are trying to please your teachers and hope they don’t think you are stupid. Your stomach hurts when you take a test.

Now you are in college and you have a bleeding ulcer. Years later you get married and you are afraid that your husband will leave you because he may think you are stupid…

… because a part of you has a belief that you are stupid.

Your husband eventually leaves you and you find out you have stomach cancer.

belief systemsThis is a simple story but I think it shows how one false belief that is held onto whether consciously or subconsciously can not only create suffering throughout their life mentally but also physically.

Drop your belief and simply know the truth.

To revue using this same topic, when one says “I am stupid” or “I feel stupid” they are reinforcing the idea that the “I” is outside and can be titled. The “I” believes itself to be stupid and creates a box and puts itself into the stupid box.

Who is the one creating the title and the box? This is who you want to find.

When you are quiet and still and go inside you can find this “I”. Who am I? Who is the one experiencing everything yet touched by nothing? This is the most important question one can ask. You will find the “I” to be spacious, free, having no boundaries or borders, not solid and timeless. The “I” is not even constrained by time! We are conditioned and programmed to give the “I” borders and boundaries.

Free your “I” and you are free.

No Man’s Land

You come to a point where you stop moving in the material flow and you have to stop and change directions to go with the natural flow. This can be fearful and a time of extreme neutrality. You may feel like you are a zombie. Your lower vibrating belief systems and structures collapsed and you don’t know who you are. This is great that you made it to no man’s land but it may feel strangely interesting to down right horrible. You may feel like nothing matters and you don’t care about a thing. You may worry you will never care about a thing again.

Don’t worry because all of this changes after this period of stopping in no man’s land. The one thing you can count on with the ascension process is change. I have to say time is on our side if we are in the natural flow and evolving because the more you go through the easier the process gets and the better you feel.

The best thing to do in an uncomfortable stage of the process like no man’s land is to remain in the “I”, the silent witness. Do not make up stories or worry. This is enough of a story already to get you through it. Remain in the “I” and know what is true. The only real truth we have is the now. Right here right now, the present moment. That’s it.

Belief… and Belief Systems

Most people were trapped in the material flow all of their lives. Even if they were doing spiritual practices. Spiritual practices are tools to break you free from the material flow. Once you have broken free you need this time of no man’s land to rest. To stop doing, trying, fighting, hating, judging, blaming, etc and just be. That why you are gifted with this phase of extreme neutrality.

It may feel horrible and it may feel like everything has been taken away from you but like everything it serves a purpose. You get to feel and see through what’s really happening without being engaged in the material flow. Once you witness the game/material flow that’s going on and see that it is broken, you disconnect from it and start to flow in the natural/spiritual flow of life.

Chances are you will grab at the old game and want to reenter the material flow and may feel depressed because you know you can’t get back into the material flow once you’ve seen through it. This goes on until you let go of the old game and decide to play the new more peaceful game of the natural flow.

You realize they are both games because you were never not the “I”. The “I” was wearing a lot of different masks in the material game and now it has no mask. You can play a role for fun but you see right through that as well. As you get to the end of no man’s land and are ready to turn around completely and flow in the natural flow all of the old games are finished. The idea of calling yourself a good person or saying something like I am spiritual is laughable!!! You see right through that. You were never a good person or spiritual.

You were always the “I” witnessing life in the present moment. Most of the time being an quot;I” in a box trapped in lies and concepts but none the less you were the “I” witnessing the present moment wearing distorted glasses. Now the glasses are off and you can see clearly. So you were never a good person. The “I” may have experienced the good deeds and actions you did in the past but the “I” can not truly define itself with any word now. The true you is not definable and can never be labeled. Stay in the “I”.


Once you are free from concepts, titles, structures, programs, etc. everything changes. Change your belief. It takes a while to adjust because you are not living by anyone else’s rules or information.

You are guided by you and your belief systems

You simply know what to do in each moment. It may be like being guided or being lead down the right path without even trying. You are in or very close to the natural flow at all times. All you need to do is be effortless and flow. The more you try to do anything the farther you get off course. This may take some time to adjust to. It’s very hard to trust anything after no man’s land. “I don’t know” is your best friend. Trust is the last thing you want to do.

All you need to do is witness where the flow is taking you, hands off, no more control. After trying to control everything all of your life it can be hard to stop trying to control. I suggest trying it. See what happens. See where you go. Try it for a week. Once you are free, your life becomes effortless and peaceful. Some may call it grace. You become responsible and you know how to truly help matters at hand.

You see and understand how things work. You see how the old game is set up and how it is failing and all you need to do is trust this natural flow. Simply by the act of removing yourself from the old game you are creating more peace on the planet. Your life may look very similar but it feels completely different. You play the material game to a degree still but you are not of it.

The Game of Vibration

This is how it works. Everything is vibrating. Lower vibrations are dense and when you speak of them in terms of actions, emotions, thoughts, etc. they are the more “negative” or “harmful” ones like pain, hate, greed, war, blame, guilt, fear, control, etc. Higher vibrations are light and can be related to peace, spaciousness, understanding, accepting, allowing, unconditional love, etc.

The more you come into a place of stillness the more your body and mind can adjust and balance to the appropriate vibration that is necessary for you to experience what is necessary. The more you continue to balance your vibration the higher you will rise in vibration. It seems that the majority of the people are vibrating in the lower vibrations.

The more people who stop playing the old game and become peaceful the higher the vibration of the human race becomes. The more available the higher vibration becomes here on earth the easier it is for other people to start vibrating higher. By going with the natural flow you are helping make the path a lot easier for the others to follow into peace.

Higher and lower does not mean good and bad. There is no judgment. We all come form the same place but we all need different experiences to learn what we need to learn. I am saying at this point it is wise to start moving into the higher vibrations because if you want to stay here and be comfortable it will be necessary to.

It’s not a threat and everyone is safe and will go where they need to go so no worries. I’m saying the planet is our ride and she is moving into the higher vibrations. There will be a cut off point when the lower vibrations will not be able to exist here because of mathematical reasons. It’s not personal at all.

The lower vibrations are already being released and time is accelarating which leads me to believe there may be points up to an abrupt dropping away of the lower vibrations. This can be seen recently as our economy continues to collapse. This is a low vibrating out dated structure and it is time for it to leave.

The government is trying to fix the broken structure with the broken structure that caused it. This type of confusion will not work in the higher vibrations. I suggest, let go of the old games. Watch them brake, fall and crumble. Do not be a part of them if you want to evolve into higher vibrations of peace and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is allowing these structures to collapse. Nature/spirit has been whispering for a long time now. It’s been telling us to stop doing these things on a personal level and a planetary level. Not many hear nature/spirit because not many will become still, stop their noise and listen. Most people are still speeding along in the material flow that is now coming to an end. The best thing you can do for everyone is to not fear this process.

Become peaceful and be a part of the flow. Help others become a part of the flow who truly want to become a part of the natural flow. Do not try to force loved ones or friends who are not ready to get into the natural flow. Love them. Allow them to flow at their own pace. By trying to force loved ones and friends you are slowing them and yourself down. If a ship is sinking it doesn’t need someone else’s weight on it. That will not help the ship. The ship needs to realize it’s sinking in order to do what’s necessary to float again.

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