Ascension Symptoms and Signs of Awakening

Ascension Symptoms

The Ascension Road and Scenery

Because of the vibrations becoming higher and higher here on earth our bodies and minds are changing and adjusting to this, and this can be uncomfortable and can even be painful at times. Be gentle with yourself and give your body and mind lots of rest.

Stay as stress free as possible.

Ringing in the ears and Seeing geometric shapes and colors when your eyes are closed:

I feel these are information downloads transferred by light and sound. These help you learn about the new peaceful patterns and structures that may be useful while the old structures fall.

It’s a way of keeping you balanced through the ascension process.

Ascension Symptoms and Peaks and Valleys:

ascension symptomsWhen you are in the natural flow you may feel great for a period of time and then crash and feel mentally and physically messy for a period of time. I feel this is helping us acclimate to the new higher vibrations.

The higher vibrations come in waves so we get used to residing in them and when they fall away we know what we need to let go of. It’s almost like a forced purging at first. As you go on and relax and trust the process it gets easier. The road evens out and the peaks and valleys are not as extreme.

Your life becomes more and more effortless.

Ascension Symptoms of Physical and Mental Pain:

As your body and mind let go or are purged of the lower vibrating structures you may experience mental and physical pain. The more you hold on to these lower vibrations and the more you fight with the higher vibrations chances are the more pain you will experience. If you realize you are going through this allow yourself to surrender to the process and realize it is a process. If you are feeling bad it will not last forever and once it’s released you will see the next plateau.

Needing Lots of Sleep:

My advice is… Sleep! The process can take a toll on your physical body so rest as much as you can and do not feel guilty about it. It’s exactly what you need and should do at that time. Your body knows. Listen to it.

Divine Timing 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22….

This tells me that we are always here now. It’s a reminder if you allow yourself to flow in the natural/spiritual direction without fight you will always remain in divine timing.

Feeling Weak:
Your body may feel very weak and frail and at the same time you can feel it repairing itself, being rewired and healing. The best thing to do is rest and allow the alchemy to occur.

Food Cravings:

Food is not to be judged. If you are craving all junk food then eat junk food. If your body wants all fruits and veggies then eat them. Listen to your body and intuition and you will know how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. Be prepared for the cravings to change dramatically. Think of yourself as being pregnant and you are giving birth to true self. Treat yourself kindly through the process.

The Ascension is about self empowerment and your enlightenment.


It may feel like you are all alone and not allowed to speak to or see your friends and family at times. This can last a while and it can come and go. I feel this is because you need to balance your vibration and have to disconnect to outside sources for help. You need to become self reliant and self referring and this is one way it seems the natural flow allows you to do this.

At first you may kick and scream but I say relax into the silence and your alone time. You will get through these phases much easier than trying to change them. Also do not take this personal. Your friends and family still love you and are there for you. It’s not about them. This is a part of your process.

Not Listening to Music and the Radio and Not Watching TV:

You may find yourself driving your car or walking through the park in silence as opposed to listening to you mp3 player or radio. You may have already gotten rid of cable or your TV. Being by yourself and being quiet helps you balance, rest in and get used to your own vibration. As you get used to our vibration you will begin to feel how other people may be seemingly draining you of energy.

The truth is you are allowing your energy to be affected. No one can truly drain your energy. Only you can allow this to happen. You will learn a lot about how different vibrations of different people and events effect you in different ways the more you become silent. By resting and meditating in silence it helps you keep this silence that is you even in the midst of chaos.

Getting Rid of a Lot of or All of Your Stuff:

As your mind is becoming more spacious it seems the environment you live in needs to become more open and spacious. I know a lot of people who are going through the ascension process and a lot of them including me donated most of their material things. It felt really good but I do have to warn you… Get rid of what you don’t need and use but don’t be afraid to keep some things you may want to keep.

I don’t regret getting rid of my things but there were a few times I could have really used some of the items again. The material items are not bad and are not the problem. It’s our attachment to them that is the problem. That’s something you may want to keep in mind if you haven’t gone through this part of the process yet. Not saying you will and if you did already, sorry! I wish you and I read this earlier! Ha Ha!

Synchronicity and Intuition:

Synchronicity and déjà vu can happen quite often in higher vibrations and it seems many more people are experiencing them because they are more available as we and earth ascend. Intuition is also more available and will guide you much better than your thinking. Intuition may be experienced as a knowing, a whispering voice, or a pulling in a certain direction and it usually feels like it is not from “you”.

That’s because intuition is not from your ego. Intuition really is from the true you and it can take some time to learn to listen to and trust the true you as opposed to your ego. This is because throughout most of our lives most of us only listened to our ego and feared our intuition. You can see why the ascension process may be difficult to navigate at first. A lot of us have to completely change direction, throw away everything we knew and trusted and rewire and rebuild a new navigation system.

The Ascension is about self empowerment and your enlightenment.


Fear is a lower vibrating habit that a lot of people are AFRAID to let go of. Fear of allowing fear to drop away because of the fear of what may be on the other side of fear. That’s a lot of fear!!! You can see the fear catalysts being presented to us and we can choose to learn from these catalysts and go in the natural flow or disregard the lesson and keep blindly walking through catalyst after catalyst. It’s like being continually punched in the face and always being surprised and hit in the face by the first. Eventually you will see the fist. Most people are afraid to stop and look at the fist and see not only can you move around it, it doesn’t really exist!

Look at our economy collapsing. This is affecting a lot of people first hand and they are now afraid they are going to loose their money. How did this situation happen to begin with? All along you could see people in other countries were being killed and exploited so we could get cheap materials. Is it a surprise that a system of greed can not last? Should it last?

There are horrible wars going on, people are starving all around the world and we are afraid that our money won’t be as valuable as it once was. When you are aware you see the bigger picture. You not only want things to change, you know they will. You welcome the change with no fear even if this change will affect you in order to make things better for all.

I see more and more people becoming afraid of government and fearing different conspiracy theories like the New World Order. I’m not saying these conspiracy theories are not true on some level. Then again I’m not saying they are. What I will say is if you are afraid you are directly feeding the thing you are fearing. If you there is a conspiracy and you are afraid of it you are giving it power to continue.

If you are aware that this conspiracy theory is or may be true but have no fear of it then this changes everything. You do not add any power to it and your own vibration will help to dismantle this lower vibrating structure. You will also be able to speak freely and clearly about it to others.

Communicating the conspiracy theory with no fear of it and helping others see it clearly with no fear and adding no power to the conspiracy. As the others awaken to the conspiracy with no fear they will also not accept this lower vibrating structure and begin to vibrate higher themselves taking more power away from the conspiracy theory/lower vibrating structure. The more of us who are aware, awake and not afraid the more peace, equality and freedom we will experience here on earth. You can not fight fear. You can become aware of your fear. Being aware of your fears allows you to stop feeding them.

Without food your fears die.

Letting Go of Spiritual Practices and Paraphernalia

One thing I have found with the ascension is constant change (Universal Law #4). This means letting go of anything and everything when the time comes for it to drop away. One thing that is hard for people who are on the spiritual “path” is letting go of parts of their practice and their spiritual material things like crystals. I thought I would be doing Kundalini Yoga all of my life but my practice became so intense and painful and I had to let go of it.

I had enough spiritual energy flowing through my body already. The Kundalini Yoga was much more than I could handle. It served it purpose for many years but there cam a time for it to stop.

The Ascension is about self empowerment and your enlightenment.

All spiritual practices have their purpose and serve as tools to help us get into the natural flow. Once we get in the flow you can let go of any and all practices. I do very soft yoga and meditate. Those are my “practices”. I do not pray or chant. I keep my practice more silent and receptive. I’m not saying this is the right way. This is what works for me right now and this can change tomorrow.

If chanting mantras feels right for you right now do it. Whatever feels right for you is right. Just don’t be attached to any practice to the point of not letting go of it if it becomes useless or even uncomfortable to you. Items like crystals are great and serve their purpose as well but again once you start to become balanced and are in the flow crystals may actually knock you off balance a bit.

Spiritual practices and crystals create imbalances to knock you back into the natural/spiritual flow. Once you are in the natural flow you will see how these tools also can confuse and disorient you, especially when you first enter no man’s land or just begin to flow in the natural flow. Once you are in the flow for a while you may feel some bumps but for the most part the disorientation starts to turn into clarity.

One of the reasons it’s hard for people to let go of spiritual practices and items is because they will have blissful experiences and associate these experiences with objects and events which creates confusion. They think the crystal or practice gave them this experience.

The experience happened because the tools worked and it was time to experience that experience. Trying to chase or hold onto an experience like bliss is a major spiritual trap. People begin to think wow that was it! This tool and that bliss was it and now I have to get more of that. By doing this you are stopping your potential for ascension and growth because you are now out of the natural flow and chasing an experience. Experiences come and go and change. They are not to be held onto. This creates suffering. This also starts people to worship tools.


It’s not about worshipping an outside source. You are the outside source. You are the inside source. All you need to do is be. It’s not to say you can’t enjoy reading religious works or even praying if that’s what you like to do. I feel at some point worshipping will start to work against your growth. Worshipping is a tool and many people need this tool to teach them something but if you feel you are finished with this tool I suggest drop it.

You can always pick it up again at a later point if you feel you need to. Try not worshipping for a week or two and see what happens. This is a tough one for most people because we’ve been taught to fear God. Well, here’s one for you. God is everything. You are a part of everything. God does not have an ego and does not need to be worshipped. God is you. You may not know it yet but it’s true.

The Secret About Affirmations

Affirmations are fine but I wouldn’t expect much of them. I think they are a good step in the right direction for a lot of people but if you say you are great but inside feel like a piece of crap you will still produce crap for the most part. It’s a good start though. I suggest you become empty and clear and then you have a chance of producing something of value. If you truly believe something and you have no deeper contradictory thoughts to nullify your belief then the belief can be powerful. The Ascension is about self empowerment and your enlightenment.

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