How Do I Wake Up In Todays World

How do I wake up?

Take time each day to stop, sit down, close your eyes and go inside. Let go of all control and throw away any meditation techniques and concepts and naturally, silently witness what is happening inside. Many people say I can’t meditate because I can’t stop thinking. You will never stop your thinking but your thinking may stop eventually. Just be the silent witness and listen to you thoughts with no judgment.

The more you shine the light of awareness on your thoughts without judging them or being taken away and caught by them the more you will begin to see through them. You will see the majority of your thinking has no value and is probably working against you.

The more awake and aware you become the more you will know what to do as opposed to having to think about what to do. You also feel the body’s sensations as a silent witness without judgment. If you feel a pain in the body really go into it and experience it. Let the pain express itself and really feel it. Let the pain be free.

Do not see the pain as bad. Let it be itself and express itself.

As you do this you will notice the pain will dissolve or leave on it’s own in time. What you resist will persist. It’s the same with thinking. Face all of the “ugly” thoughts with no judgment. As you begin to truly see these thoughts for what they are you remove the power you were giving the thought before.

Without your power behind the thought the thought will eventually dissolve and die. In other words, when thoughts and feelings of anger or sadness arise you want to be fully aware of them and accept them as they are. See them and feel them. Do not simply accept them as just being “me”. They are not you but a programmed reaction in you.

Most people let the program of anger, sadness, anxiety, etc. run unchecked accepting them to be a part of their personality. Once you start to become aware of your thoughts and actions the harmful patterns truly have a chance to drop away. So you are not trying to stop them when they happen. If you have angry energy inside of you, you will not be able to stop it from arising. In fact you want it to arise so it can be witnessed and released.

When you are aware and anger, fear, etc arises you will have a handle on it. I’m not saying be angry and yell at someone or hurt someone and that’s OK. No. I’m saying let it arise and you truly feel and see it for what it is. As this happens you see the power you are adding to it and you will start to not feed it any longer. You may dissolve these energies and programs fast or slow depending on how much anger, sadness, etc. you have inside of you.

There are rare occasions when someone will be able to hear this information and actually be able to stop buying into and feeding their personality, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, etc. and become free and continue to be free living in the present moment peacefully accepting what is but this is rare. If this is you congratulations! You don’t need this book or any other book, So give it to a friend and live life freely and help others awaken!

If you are still reading at this point then I suggest, take your time and be patient with yourself. It’s well worth the effort at first. So be aware during “meditation” and in everyday life. That is the key. You want to apply what you learn in meditation to life. You want to be 100% awake in always. Not just in spiritual practice. The practice is good and probably necessary for most people to have success in this but the key is to apply awareness to all of your life.

Then you will witness the harmful emotions, actions and thoughts when they arise and you will be able to allow them to dissolve.

In the beginning when you sit and “meditate” you may encounter a lot of noise from thinking and a lot of physical pain. Not many people want to face their baggage as a silent witness with no judgments. At first you may engage with the thinking and the pains in the body. If you do this do not judge yourself. Just simply notice this too.

The more you become truly aware of the more you are untying your programming and conditioning. Be patient and peaceful with yourself as you do this. As you move through the noise and the pain and become aware of what it is it will start to drop away. As this drops away you experience more peace and stillness inside. As you experience this you will also begin to experience your everyday living becoming more peaceful.

As you leave the dying structures and systems of hate, greed, control, manipulation, war, blame, guilt, etc. you will start to feel the flow of nature and spirit. By letting the outdated structures and systems collapse in you, you are also allowing them to collapse on the outside. You will be in flow with the planet and you will be living much more comfortably and at peace with yourself and the new world that’s now reorganizing itself.

Clarity and Knowing

As you become more peaceful and you are not attached to your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, etc you will notice you begin to know. When you see through thinking and realize it is worthless then you know what is.

Who needs thinking when you know?

After you are free form the conditioning and programming you won’t need any outside source of information. You will be completely self reliant for the most part. You can still share ideas and be entertained by stories and conversation but no one or no book will ever be able to tell you how to live. You will know.

You may already be seeing old sources of information that you used to rely on dropping away such as the mainstream news. This will continue to happen. The more ideas you let go of the freer you become. You will begin to see how this game we are playing is being made and you will begin to free yourself of the game‘s broken systems. Your body will heal itself if you allow it to.

You will need no doctors.

These seem like very extreme ideas and I will tell you not to believe me. See how much you can free yourself and see if these things I say are true and see if you can even free yourself farther than just healing the physical. You can. Do not rush to become peaceful and free. You don’t want to grab for healing and freedom. You allow this process to occur at it’s own pace.

This is your journey so stay easy and safe and never judge or pressure yourself. As you become peaceful, allowing and accepting in life and you rest in the flow you will be taken to more healing and more peacefulness with ease. If you try to rush you will be slowing down the natural process. This is the hardest thing to learn a lot of the time. The more effortless you are the easier this process unfolds for you.

Dark Night of the Soul: Personality and Ego

The personality and ego, just like thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are constructs built by conditioning and programming. These are the boxes we choose to live in. We are truly infinite yet we trap ourselves in these tiny boxes of ideas, beliefs, personality, social rules, religious rules, etc. We’ve been conditioned all of our lives by our parents, society, religion, media, etc.

We are far removed from our nature and we are conditioned to always look outside of ourselves for information. We are told we don't not know the answers and we are not good enough unless we become educated, win, get, achieve, become wealthy, work hard, are religious, etc. We have to go to a church to get god. We were steered away from our true selves and turned into perfect, controlled consumers.

I say Stop playing their game and Start playing yours !

When people hear they may loose their personality they freak out. The personality is something you created mostly to fit in and please other people. It’s not you. It’s just a construct. If you let your personality drop away I bet you will become funnier, happier and more care free. That sure beats the fear that’s the glue that is holding your personality in place.

Let go of everything and live in the present moment. Peacefully accept what is and be the one choosing your actions and words not just simply running on a program like a robot.

The dark night of the soul happens when a lot of your self built structures collapse and dissolve all at once. It usually happens to people with spiritual practices but I imagine it can happen spontaneously as well. This creates a panic in the person because it seems like a large portion of who they are is no longer them. It’s a very good thing as long as the person realizes what has happened and doesn’t try to start rebuilding the harmful broken collapsed patterns and structures.

The dark night of the soul is like waking up one morning to half of your ego and personality gone. You may not know what to do at first. That’s OK. Do nothing. Explore this. Look inside and see what happened. It’s also good to be patient and understanding with yourself. Realize what happened and also realize it’s OK to be scared and confused. These energies of confusion, sadness and anxiety will probably surface and it gives the person a good chance to witness them and allow them to dissolve.

I imagine more and more people are experiencing the dark night of the soul these days. Our planet is heading into a peaceful reality so the old structures that don’t fit will naturally fall away. If you do not allow your vibration to match the vibration of the planet eventually you will have to go else where because you will not be comfortable here and your vibration simply will not match and you would do and feel better on a different plane of existence.

So all is well no matter what. If you have loved ones who are not peaceful and are very angry, controlling, hateful, greedy, etc. realize they will be OK as well.

The shift that is happening is not personal and it seems most people on earth are not really ready for the shift. Most seem to still be playing the games of greed, fear, hate, manipulation, control. Very few are living peacefully, realize we are all equal, accept, allow, etc. All will be taken care of and placed where they need to be so no need to worry about anyone.

My suggestion is, help yourself become whole and fully aware. By doing this you help yourself and all of those around you. When your light of awareness is 100% all around you feel it to a degree. This is truly the only way to help those you love.

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