The Belief Secret


In life, there are universal laws that govern everything we do. And these universal laws never err, not even once. These laws are so perfect that if you were to align yourself with them, you could have so much prosperity that it would be coming out of your ears.

The first thing to consider when you try understanding the universe is to know who created the universe.

Once you know this and why the universe exists, you’ll gain a better idea as to why the universe is so powerful. 

Now it depends on your belief system and what you were brought up to accept, because the creation of the universe was talked about in schools as having started with the Big Bang theory. This is where an explosion occurred and suddenly the universe appeared. Many scientists believe this theory because it is the easiest way to understand it. What they fail to understand or give credence to is who created the explosion to begin with. That mass of material that exploded just didn’t appear there by itself. It had to have been created.

This is why, no matter your religious beliefs, you must know that God is the one who created the universe for our use and to get whatever we want from it.

BeliefThis God or Infinite Being as some prefer to call him creates everything in the universe in the image and likeness of him. This is why the universe is perfect. This is why it is powerful and dynamic. In order for everything to function in this capacity, God created laws that would automatically serve the purpose for what it was intended.

Whatever man wanted to do, if they worked in connection with these laws, would find plenty of abundance and perfection abounding, despite being sinful creatures themselves. The sin of humanity is not what fails in the person’s life. It is failure to follow the universal laws that causes one to fail.

Learn About the Belief Secret Claude Bristol Discovered and used to gain Greater Happiness, Love, MONEY, Success – AND MORE!

The Belief Secret is the real secret behind manifestation – and almost every other “key to success” self-help program you’ll ever encounter.

But once you’ve discovered that, you’re left with a question.

Once you realize that your belief is controlling your life in such a powerful way – you need to know how to change your belief for total success.

How can you master the ULTIMATE SECRET?

If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself of something that just isn’t true, you’ll know how hard it can be. Are you really a millionaire? Confident? Successful? Attractive? The voice of the inner-critic just won’t shut up.

Until it met with Claude Bristol!

The STORY Behind Claude Bristol’s Long-Lost 1948 Book…
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Through his research, Bristol uncovered a tiny handful of techniques to change your beliefs at the very source – instantly. Techniques such as the Mirror Technique and Card System, to name just two.

Here’s PRECISELY What Bristol Wrote 60+ Years Ago!
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Claude Bristol understood the real belief secret behind all of these miracles:


Belief changes both yourself and the world around you, that much you already know.

What you expect to happen – very often happens.

With belief, your perceptions shift. The world around you changes. Opportunities can become more apparent.

Think about it: The Belief Secret is the real golden thread behind manifesting, cosmic ordering, prayer, the placebo effect, hypnosis, the Law of Attraction – and more.

Sure, the “gurus” re-wrap everything in mystical hype and ritual to sell more copies: the enchanting graphics on The Secret DVD, the “amazing” 10-step self-help system, the lucky talismans.

But, when the smartest people have considered it, they realize that…

Belief is the ULTIMATE SECRET behind it all!

When you REALLY “get” that, you can skip every other system out there – because you’ve uncovered the ultimate source.

Believe and you can really receive.

The Belief Secret


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