Earth Angels – Are You One

Find out how to connect to your soul purpose and step into your soul shoes…a vital first step in evolving into an earth angel.

If you have arrived at this page, you are most likely one of the Earth Angels.

“What are Earth Angels?” you may wonder, “And how do I know if I am one?”

Or perhaps, “Does it even really matter?” If you are one who has been searching for your purpose here on Earth, have felt that you were here to do something important, but were not sure quite what, or perhaps had a feeling all your life that there was something much grander going on than what you could consciously connect to, then you have come to the right place.

The Grander Plan, and How Are We Connected and Affected? 

Angels MagicIn the year 2000, a group of souls began an unprecedented process of spiritual evolution referred to by many as “ascension.” It was decided at the highest soul levels that it was now time to wrap things up here on Earth, release and reclaim every form that we had infused our energy within for eons of time since the very beginning, and start completely over by creating a very New Planet Earth before we moved on to our very new adventures as souls.


This miraculous and extremely challenging process created many bizarre, confusing, and at best, unusual experiences of opening to a higher level of consciousness and a greater connection to Source and to our own souls, as we were returning home.“Am I part of this plan and process?” you may wonder. “And how would I know?”
Disregarding the recession here in the US or elsewhere as a cause:

** Have you felt in recent years and months, that you were stretching far beyond what you had the capacity to endure?
** Have you had many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else?

** Have you experienced dizziness and vertigo, neck and back pain, an intolerance for lower vibrating energy, and abdominal weight gain and bloating?

** Do you wonder who you are looking at in the mirror? Had a loss of identity?

** Have you been “removed” from your usual means of employment and cannot seem to find another job, even though you never had this problem in the past?

** Have you recently moved to a new geographical location?

** Do you experience short periods when you are very cold and cannot seem to get warm?

** Have you had hot flashes and night sweats not relating to menopause (even if you are a male?)

** Do you feel you have been pushed out of your groove by lower vibrating people?

** When you go out in public or to an event, do you feel as though you are “acting?”

** Is it hard to remember and identify with the childhood version of you?

** Have you had a serious medical situation in recent years that left you feeling helpless and powerless?

** Do you crave the company of children and when in their presence suddenly feel that everything is now “right” and you can relax as you are home?

** Have you had periods where you wake up at exactly the same time every night?

** Have you had anxiety, panic, or what feels like depression?

** Do you at times have strange and disturbing nightmares that are not normal for you?

** Have you ever had experiences of forgetting what you were going to say and finding it near impossible to “find” the words you were meaning to speak?

** Have you had periods of time when you continually saw repeating numbers, whether on digital clocks, license plates, or other arenas?

** Do you continually mis-spell words or superimpose sentences and spelling when you attempt to write something, even though you may have been a master at grammar and spelling for most of your life?

** Have you had times in your life where you felt “no sense of place?”

** Do you continually have short-term memory loss and at times cannot remember things that occurred only yesterday or even a moment before?

** Have you experienced periods of what felt like low blood sugar forcing you to eat every two hours whether you wanted to or not?

** Are your emotions out of control from time to time (sudden weeping and sadness, or are you just plain over-emotional)? Do you ever feel lost and alone?

** Do you at times feel that there is nowhere left to go that remotely fits you anymore?

** Have you found that the only way to stay sane is to be home in your own personal sanctuary?

** Do you have a strong sense that you are here to accomplish something, but you cannot remember what it is? Do you “miss” something, but are not sure exactly what?

** Do you feel ungrounded and spinning out of control at times but not at other times?

** Do you wonder why things seem to be getting worse instead of better?

** Has it become difficult to be in crowds, large stores, and the like?Have you seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through your body? Do you have bouts of allergy symptoms or sinus problems and headaches? Have you ever felt energy pouring through the top of your head?

** Have you quit reading spiritual and personal growth material?

** Is it increasingly difficult to spend substantial amounts of time around individuals who seem dis-connected, “ego” driven, or who embody many “issues”? Do you just want to flee?

** Do you wonder where in the world you have landed, feel that you do not belong here, and want to go “home”?

If you have experienced a fair amount of the above, you are most likely having or have had in the past, the most common of the ascension symptoms and experiences. There are far too many to list here, and far too many of us have had these strange and common occurrences to warrant them as an accident or perhaps some kind of bizarre virus. These symptoms and experiences are a direct result of our spiritual expansion process, as we begin to vibrate higher and begin to embody more light than ever before. (A brief note:  It is always best to seek medical attention when necessary, as certainly not all of our strange symptoms can be attributed to the ascension process.) 

As we evolve higher and higher in our spiritual evolutionary process, the experiences above begin to lessen to a great degree. Making necessary internal changes through much purging and releasing of old and lower vibrating energies, and aligning ourselves with new and higher vibrating energies, ensures an arrival into a new and higher way of living and being. And eventually, we come to find that we do not experience much of the above at all. It is then that we know we are ready for our next level.

The end of 2008 marked a very pivotal point in the ascension process. Up until that time, we evolved in small and continual steps, although at times it did not feel like it! In this way, we completed one chapter of a new book, or rather released much our old lives and old selves, and always moved into another chapter. The end of 2008 marked the completion of an entire book…not just a chapter. This was a monumental time in our spiritual evolutionary process. Enough of the masses had reached a point of critical mass, were then embodying or residing in the space that those who had gone first had been holding, and it was then time for an entirely new book or dimensional residency to occur.

This new book was most certainly new for each and every rung on the ascension ladder…meaning that everyone moved up into a higher level according to where they had been residing before. The ascension process involves many periods of “waiting” for the masses to catch up until we can ourselves progress onto another rung. So then, you may be one who has progressed far and was very tired of waiting! When we are waiting, it can feel that we are trapped, boxed in, or perhaps surrounded by darker and denser energies knocking on our door. But with the advent of the end of 2008, the waiting is now over. Those who had gone before had been waiting for a very long time indeed!

Where are they now?

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Where have those who had been holding the space for the masses gone?

Angel BelieversWe have gone to a very new space and new reality of becoming Earth Angels.

We have stretched, moaned and groaned, complained, and become weary of it all until the very end…and the very end of this massive first phase has brought us to a new beginning which is now here.

Our New Symptoms and How We have Evolved

  • Have you lost your desire to be a healer?
  • Have you felt in recent months that the energy you used to embody is no longer there?
  • Do you wonder what you are now supposed to connect to and wonder how to connect as well?
  • Do you suddenly feel that your life is “here” and not back “home” somewhere?
  • Have you given up any desires to save anyone or anything and only simply desire to stay put without extending?
  • Have you given up belonging to groups and continually discussing spiritual matters?
  • Have you discontinued meditating, “clearing,” and intentional actions involving creating, moving energy, or consulting divination sources?
  • Have you lost the desire to bring up the energy of the planet, heal it, or the like?
  • Do you no longer have the urge to make anything happen by yourself?
  • Are you tired of being alone when it never bothered you before, and now crave the companionship of another or others?
  • Is your own personal energy more “subtle” than it used to be?
  • Do you often feel invisible when you go out in public?
  • Are your needs frequently met with ease, with no real effort on your part? Or rather, are you rarely lacking anything?
  • Have you begun setting strong boundaries and find that you are not as “open” to everything and everyone as you used to be?
  • Have you grown to appreciate the small things and find that you are not so interested in material possessions, getting what you want, or having to have things a certain way?
  • Have you come to realize that everything is not about you, that the behavior of others has nothing to do with you, and thus, you no longer take things personally?
  • Do you put yourself first in regard to your health and happiness?
  • Are you now comfortable refusing to participate in things that feel very “wrong” to you?
  • Is it easy for you to close the door on others, knowing that you need not be “nice” and accommodating when interacting with them was not your idea in the first place?
  • Do you feel a peace and tranquility that you had rarely experienced in the past, and do you now feel safe and protected?
  • Are you ready to retire?
  • Do you notice much more of what is around you, instead of what is going on within you?
  • Do you easily and clearly see others and what they are here to contribute? Do you acknowledge them and connect to them easily when appropriate?
  • Are you aware of the whole, can you interact in groups without taking over or discounting the contribution and gifts of others, and can you allow others to become involved without having a “don’t tell me what to do” or controlling attitude?
  • Have you come to realize than nothing needs to be “fixed” and never did? Have you dis-continued offering your services when you were not even asked (and this includes being asked by nature and the planet herself as well)?
  • Do you find the answers within yourself now, rarely consulting any outside sources?
  • Do you know that you are not perfect and never will be?
  • Do you possess a great gift or ability, are frequently told about this by others, but have no idea what they are talking about?
  • Are you comfortable watching another suffer, knowing that this is their path and that it has a higher purpose?
  • Are you able to make decisions from your gut, your intuition, or rather what simply “feels” right without any rational explanation?
  • Do you know what is yours to do, and realize that much everything else is someone else’s passion or purpose, there-by staying in your own role and not taking over someone else’s?
  • Have you found that you spend more of your time and focus simply on one of your passions or talents, and not on a variety of interests as you may have done in the past?

If you can relate any of the above, you are most certainly on your way to becoming an Earth Angel.

But know as well, that these transitions come to us step by step. This is what evolution is all about.
So then, you may be experiencing some of the above, but not all. In time, you will eventually experience most all of the above, and then find that you need to “wait” for others to catch up, as we are all part of one beloved whole. In addition, we will begin having exciting and new experiences as well!>

If you are one who has not felt a big connection to Source or a higher vibration in ways that you had in the past, know that there is a good explanation. We have reached a place in our spiritual evolutionary process where we are embodying enough light now within ourselves.

We have graduated.

Thus, we are now ready to connect to each other. We are holding a very new space of light, through a grid-work of brothers and sisters, and our new connections are with our own souls and with each other now.

Welcome Earth Angels, to the next phase of our journey

My Thanks to the Writings of Karen Bisop – Here 

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