Cosmic Ordering Secrets

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Discover the World’s Most Advanced Cosmic Ordering Secrets! Learn How to Manifest Anything In Literally MINUTES
– And the Secret Method of PROVING It All Really Works!

Just picture this…

You’re sitting at home thinking about how wonderful your life could be. You make a few notes, then dial the special Universe Order Hotline. The person that answers asks what you’d like.

You could order…

  • More MONEY Than You Can Handle!! –
  • Purchase the best clothes in town.
  • Buy a new car.
  • Host a massive party for all of your friends.
  • Feel great and donate to charity.
  • Become a local celebrity.
  • A Brand NEW Luxurious Home! – Spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a games room, a permanent gardener, a maid, and more.
  • And how about a second home overseas, too?
  • Your Beautiful, Ideal PARTNER!! – Want to spend time with the girl or guy of your dreams? Order the ideal partner for you, with the personality & looks that match your needs perfectly!
  • More FRIENDS, More Social Connections!! – Want a new set of friends? No problem! Whether you want a new workout buddy or a close and intimate best pal, just tell the universe! And once you’ve placed your order, you simply sit back and wait.

Within a couple of weeks, everything is delivered direct to your door. No matter what you wished for, no matter how specific you were ANYTHING you want can come your way in just DAYS.

That’s what cosmic ordering is all about.

Placing an actual, real-life “order” with the universe and waiting for it to be delivered.

The problem is that most people don’t know HOW to place that order!
What you need are the REAL SECRETS behind cosmic ordering.

The tricks and shortcuts that have been developed by cosmic ordering masters, the individuals that have been using this stuff for years – not quick-fix information from some joker that watched The Secret.

Discover the REAL Secrets of Advanced Cosmic Ordering – From the World’s Most Experienced Manifestation Experts…
– Bradley Thompson, Karl Moore & Michael Masterman!

Want to begin discovering the REAL SECRETS of COSMIC ORDERING?

My name is Bradley Thompson…

I’m the best-selling author of Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days, and Be Psychic. I’m also the creator of Subliminal Power, installed on over one million desktops worldwide. I was the man behind The Absolute Secret and helped develop the entire range of official Binaural Beat CDs.

Over the past year, I’ve worked side-by-side with two of my closest colleagues – Karl Moore and Michael Masterman – to help produce the most advanced guide to cosmic ordering EVER WRITTEN.

It’s called, quite simply, “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” – And inside its pages, you’ll discover the EXACT METHODS of gaining ANYTHING you want out of life!

Unlike other guides which simply show you the general cosmic ordering process, we’ve pieced together specific cosmic ordering processes for EVERY key area of life – including sessions for wealth, relationships, health, career, life experiences, and more!

I’ve been using cosmic ordering for 15 years – and can honestly say it’s worked WONDERS in my life.

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