Ascension – Another View of Evolution

What is Ascension?

For most people Ascension means that they are going to leave this material plane and finally get to be out of hell and be in Heaven, or the 5th Dimension.

That instead of leaving this plane in the traditional way of dying, this time they will be leaving by increasing their vibratory rate to a point where they can “go” to the 5th dimension.

That this time, this incarnation they were good little spiritual beings and became vegetarian and now they get to leave and not have to What Is Ascensionreincarnate.  Some people think that they are going to be taken away by the ET’s on ships to where they came from.  According to my knowing these notions are completely preposterous, you never had to be reincarnating in the first place and the ET’s have got much more important things to do then to pick you up.

This is not an Ascension, we are not going anywhere, this is a Descension, (or rather an inscension).

We are not ascending out of here we are inscending into here.  We are embodying our Spirit Self, Who We Truly Are, completely into these bodies.  We are Spirits having a Human experience not humans having a spiritual experience.  The notion of Ascending out of here resulted from the old notion of being a student that is here to learn how to be enlightened and deserve to ascend to the higher planes.

We’re not becoming enlightened, we already are enlightened, we just forgot that we were.  We veiled ourselves with many structures and pictures of reality like the student scenario above.  We have adopted roles and identities to further veil ourselves away from the truth that we are all Awesome Multidimensional Masters. We are doing the dance of the 7 veils – stripping away density so we are naked and exposed for all to see, where all is revealed and what is revealed is God.

The old concept of learning and fixing your self are old world enslavement concepts designed to maintain the density and separation of the 3rd Dimension.  Without these limited pictures of reality holding the 3rd dimension in place it would not exist. The 3rd dimension is a dimension of distortion, and unworthiness and separation is the glue that holds it together.  Therefore my recommendation to you is to QUESTION EVERYTHING in this plane of demonstration.

Questioning reality opens you up to your Multidimensional Wholeness and allows you access to all Dimensional Realities and Possibilities.

The process of Ascension is to know what it is truly like to be Human, a Divine Human and to really be one.  To finally feel everything that is in your fields.  It is not about being strictly a 5th dimensional being, you already are a 5th dimensional being.  This game is about being a Human Master, a Multi-Dimensional ‘Human’ Master.

You exist on multitudes of realities, and Ascension is becoming fully aware of your multidimensional wholeness.  To fully embody and realize that you exist on multitudes of planets, in multitudes of Galaxies, in multitudes of Star Systems.  That you inhabit multitudes of bodies: from physical bodies, to light bodies.  And you inhabit huge variances of different bodies from ET type bodies, to horse bodies, to reptilian bodies, to Centaurian bodies, to Dolphin bodies.

Have you watched Sliders?  Why do you think that this show was produced for TV, is it just a coincidence?  Sliders is one multidimensional way that life is, parallel realities are a reality !  There are multitudinous parallel realities, along with multitudinous yous on these parallel realities.

The Overtones

There are 12 Overtones to each dimension.  In the 3rd dimension alone on Planet Earth there are 12 different actual overtone realities with multitudes of permutations all happening at the same time.  That means a minimum of 12 overtone you’s in this dimension alone, along with multitudes of parallel realities in each overtone in each dimension, excluding the 4th, 5th etc. dimensions.  Not to mention twin flames, soul mates and soul extensions existing on all those multitudinous overtonal and parallel realities on each dimension.

As this planet Ascends, all of these parallel and alternate realities are converging into one reality.  The process of Ascension is becoming aware of all these possibilities that you exist in, then working with all the possibilities that affect you in your consciousness now, knowing them, feeling them, and finally, loving them. Ascension is complete love and allowance of every single aspect of your wholeness including all the shitty parts, even your cellulite.

All your feelings of unworthiness, powerlessness, ugliness, not good enough, I don’t belong etc. That’s why we are required to go to so many unlovable places in our consciousness, so that we can see them, feel them and love them.

When you go deep into these dark places, when you descend into Hell, (like Jesus), you realize that everything you thought was hideous, unlovable and nasty, is God, and was totally perfect for you to experience – so that You/God could know more of itself.   Ascension is embodying Who You Truly Are, and All That You Are. And of course You Are God.

So this seems like a huge task embodying God in these limited little bodies, well let me assure you that these bodies can handle it and they were designed to handle it. They were designed by the best body designers in all the Universes, the best Geneticists in all of Creation.

What can I do to assist myself with my own Ascension / Descension – Inscension?

First off, You’re already doing it, so cut yourself some slack.  Who you truly are is setting everything up for you perfectly and in the perfect timing.  And by the way, it isn’t for you or about you anyway, because you’re not a student trying to get out of here – remember.  Your personal evolution will take care of itself as the Planet Ascends.  So, since you’re not a student, and you don’t have to be good and spiritual, and try to earn your way out of here, you can now have complete freedom to have as much fun as you possibly can – Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.  And you have more assistance to do your job then you can possibly imagine.  You have your Spirit, your Councils, your Guides, your Angels, your ET buddies, your parallel selves, your twin flames, soul mates, the Ascended Masters, Gaia, the Agartha network of subterranean people, the elementals, the dolphins and whales, animals, the plants, the rocks, and of course all of your fellow planetary transition team members that are in bodies all over the planet.

We’re all in this together, this is a Co-Creation, we are all One, we are all God. The game of fear, survival and separation is over, and we are playing a new game called The Game of Love. And the only rule of this game is Be Who You Truly Are.

Everything is being set up for you to have everything you need to Co-Create Heaven on Earth and manifest your Seed Vision of Heaven on Earth.  Everything is being provided for you to further embody Who You Truly Are and remove the veils that keep you from seeing your True Self.  You are provided with fabulous workshops and books and articles and awesome masters to help you remember who you are.  You and your friends are creating Sacred Circles, and Sacred Synergy’s; you are connecting with Mother Earth and assisting her with her transition to a Star; you’re building your MerKaBas; you’re detoxifying your bodies…..

The Force of Evolution is upon you and in you, you have no choice but to flow with it and be a walking force of evolution.  You’re attention is on the manifestation of your divinity; your attention is on the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth; your attention is enough!  The Universe sees this and gives you more and more of what your attention is on – this is how manifestation works in this Universe.
You are shining your light, and Loving and Giving – you are being the Universe.  You are being God because your seed vision of Heaven on Earth is God’s Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth, and you are an integral part of it.

Everyday is an ascension, it is a continual process – every hour, every moment. Every time we love something unconditionally that previously we did not; every time an aspect of our wholeness is loved by us where previously it was not, more of Who You Truly Are is manifested/descended into this dimension.  Each moment that we surrender to our divinity and learn more of the dance of separation we are ascending, because every time we learn more about who we are not, we learn Who We Truly Are.

As you embody more of Who You Truly Are, your pictures of reality, held deep in your cellular memory, that you are just a human, will fade away and the full realization of your awesomeness will be revealed.  You will shine so brightly that you will entrain others to remember Who They Truly Are.   As the veils disappear you will fully realize that you are an Angelic Master, an Extraterrestrial Master, a Human Master…..  The real truth that you are God will be the only reality left. And you will know yourself to be All That You Are and you will finally be all that you always were.

Awaken to that Aspect of your Beingness that is Already Awake!




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