Steps to find your way Back Home

Find Your Way

Almost everyone feels dissatisfied with his or her life, but almost no one understands the real reasons why.

And so it goes: For most men and women — in spite of their best intentions, and sincere efforts, very little ever changes: except that is for the type of the dissatisfaction experienced, or what’s being blamed for it. Now, here’s the real reason behind all of this persistent and personal sadness: This world which you presently call your own isn’t really your home at all.

Find Your WayJust as a high-flying eagle can’t feel content as a captive in a cage, neither can who you really are find the fulfillment and freedom you long for in the lower levels of this world; a place of temporary and restrictive conditions which you’ve mistakenly come to think of as your home.

This world and all of its various trappings may be familiar, but then so can any common jail-house become acceptable. Just ask one of their unfortunate inmates! To break out of any prison you must first find a way that works.

Following are a dozen new actions that have special powers to show you this needed Way. Be assured that you may follow them all the way… Up and out… Back to your real Home.

Each instruction requires you take only one step at a time, but do your best to place yourself, each day, into as many of these personal practice-situations as possible.

The ability to Find Your Way back Home exists!

Start your journey with these 12 steps. As you get your footing, create more steps out of your own new and growing understanding. Then step back and watch how the Path magically appears before your grateful eyes.

Remember! Each one step, taken every day, reveals the Path, and teaches the Way.

  • Go through one agitating life-situation without saying, or doing, anything to try and change it.
  • Make one wish for something or someone besides yourself.
  • Face one fear.
  • Ask one time to see what you need to see about yourself.
  • In one encounter, where you’re sure you’re right, let someone else have the last word.
  • Notice and then refuse one urge to either spread, or listen to, any form of gossip, gloom, or doom.
  • Catch and swallow one complaint without letting others know you’re struggling to keep something down.
  • Accept one moment of emptiness without making something out of it.
  • Sacrifice one sad, hostile, anxious, or defeated feeling.
  • Allow one great or beautiful moment of yours to live or die without your intervention.
  • Complete one task without compromise and to your absolute best ability.
  • Observe one face of a friend, family member, or everyday acquaintance — at the same time that you place one of your personal demands upon him or her.

Guy Finley


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