Your Unconscious Guidance System

The Unconscious Guidance System

Make the present moment your friend. This should always be your primary goal in life. When the present moment is your friend, you will AUTOMATICALLY be in Alignment and in the Flow.

If this is true and the results are so beneficial, why don’t most people make the present moment their friend?  Why do they fight it and resist it?

The answer lies in the power of our Unconscious Guidance System. 

The Unconscious Guidance System (UGS) can never be in alignment with the present moment, since its very nature compels it to ignore, resist or at the very least devalue the present moment.

Time is what the Unconscious Guidance System lives on.

Unconscious GuidanceThe stronger the UGS, the more it takes over your life. Almost every thought you think is concerned with the past or the future.

When this happens your sense of Self depends on the past for your identity and the future for your happiness.

Fear, anxiety, expectations, regrets, guilt, anger are the dysfunctions of the unconscious guidance system.

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There are three ways which the Unconscious Guidance System will resist the present moment; first, as a means to an end, second, as an obstacle, and third as an enemy.  Let’s look at all three and see if this pattern operates in you.

To the Unconscious Guidance System, the present moment can only be useful as a means to an end. IT convinces you that some future moment is more important than now, even though the future moment never comes except as another present moment. In other words, you are never fully here because you are always busy trying to get elsewhere.

When this happens, the present moment is regarded and treated as an obstacle to be overcome. This is where impatience, frustration and stress arise in our lives. Life, which is always “now”, is seen as a problem and since we are convinced we must struggle to have what we want, that problem or struggle has to be solved before we can be happy and fulfilled, or really start living – or so we think.

The Catch 22 here is that is for every problem we solve, another one always pops up. So as long as the present moment is seen as an obstacle, there will never be an end to our problems.

At worst, the present moment is treated as if it were an enemy. When you hate what you are doing, complain about your surroundings, curse the things that have happened or are happening, or when you get into “should'” and “shouldn’t”, blaming or accusing, then you are arguing with “what is”.  You are essentially making Life the enemy and Life says, “If you want a fight, then I will show you what fighting is all about.”

The vital question you must ask yourself many times a day until you ‘get it’, is “What is my relationship with the present moment?” 

Then become alert and find the answer. The moment you see the dysfunction and correct it by accepting the present moment, just as it is, you are free. After a while it almost becomes comical how insane we can be when we fight the present moment.  The good news is we always have a choice. With observation and awareness comes the power of choice – the choice to say “yes” to the present moment and make it your friend.

“Your essence, your essential joy, is so huge that it flows in every direction.” ~ Nirmala


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