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Becoming The Best You For All

It is time for humanity to wake up and people to come together in the understanding that you are wise enough to control your own destiny in becoming the best you for for all concerned

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Prologue… The messages contained in this, the third book of messages, are a continuation of information provided for the transition of the hearts and minds of those of humanity that are willing to be a catalyst for change.


It is an undeniable truth that the current pattern of use and abuse of the planetary resources will lead to the end of its ability to sustain life forms. The human body and awareness are being deliberately overwhelmed physically, psychologically and magnetically. The majority of humanity fails to understand that unseen forces surrounding them are affecting their ability to survive.

These are hidden within the “modern” conveniences powered by alternating electrical current; through radio, television, and many other low frequency emanations that now alter the individual’s and the planet’s magnetic fields to an unimaginable degree.

Just as human scientists experiment using what are considered “lesser species” with little concern for their suffering and death in the name of “scientific advancement,” so also is humanity considered a lesser species to be used in like fashion. “You” are being used in exactly that way with the full knowledge and participation of those humans who believe themselves a part of the controlling hierarchy.


These misguided humans are under the direct supervision of those beings that desire to continue to control this planet and others. The evolving conscious awareness of humanity has again evolved to a level that is considered dangerous.

There are many that are now aware of this very real outside influence through the history revealed in the artifacts that were not destroyed or hidden, and by reaching logical conclusions about the sightings of various space craft as well as interaction with their occupants. These interactions have been both face to face and telepathic.

The evidence indicates the presence of outside powers trying to continue the long standing control of Earth and its solar system.

Becoming the best you for all

There are also those that are a positive presence hoping to be of assistance to an awakening humanity that must be willing to take on the responsibility for determining its own future in order to receive this available help.

Humanity has itself blocked the answer to its long standing cry for relief from enslavement by the outside forces, because it has been educated to ask for its “rescue” to come from an unknowable being that is in actuality a part of the controlling forces.

Deception for control has been very successful for thousands of years.

Worship your controller” has been the ploy.

Mankind has very little time left to wake up to this strategy and cooperatively agree that it is time to end this charade once and for all. Those who would assist must be a group that is willing to research and prove to itself beyond a shadow of a doubt the truth of this astounding pronouncement of the global situation.

It must realize that humanity has to create its own future or remain in the circumstances of terrible slavery that are planned for them. Both the positive and negative forces that are focused on this planet are aware that multiple cycles are culminating in this time sequence which will be to the advantage of either humanity or its colonizers, depending upon which one has the support of the overall planetary consciousness.

This support can be either passively or actively understood. It can therefore be readily understood that if humanity does not make a clear choice to own this planet for itself, it is passively supporting continued enslavement and giving away its natural resources for the use of others rather than for itself.

Rich mineral reserves have been transported from this planet and others in this solar system for thousands of years to enrich the lives of beings that have failed to steward their own planetary resources wisely. Reports of large “mother ships” are true and they are present for that purpose.

It is time for humanity to wake up and people to come together in the understanding that they are wise enough to control their own destiny and ask for help to “help themselves for the highest and best good for all concerned.” That is a prayer that can be affirmatively answered!

Until such time as humans can prove themselves to be cooperative and non-aggressive toward their benevolent neighbors, all help will be given indirectly: that is these beings will not walk among you until it is safe for them to do so. The help that can be offered will be very effective, but it must be asked for and accepted as assistance and not as rescue.

A victim, be it individual or a planetary mass consciousness, has not evolved to a level of responsibility that warrants assistance.

A victim consciousness must move through the need to look outside of itself and instead look at its own choices to find the cause(s) of its imperfect situation. Freewill is the freedom to choose, and all continuously choose, even if it is to choose not to choose. There are always forces willing to make choices for those unwilling to make their own. It is time for humanity to make its own choices.

These messages were written to help with that important process, in becoming the best you for all.

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