When I Was A Young Soul

When I Was A Young Soul

On my first incarnation to be a human being I was'nt sure that I wanted to go to Earth School.Ethan

I felt so happy here, in Paradise. I did what I liked and I never ran out of time.

I played with my friends and we made art by mixing colors out of rainbows, and made music by waving our hands in certain ways in the wind, and made animals to love out of the flowers in the fields.

Sometimes, too, we blew bubbles out of sunshine or created small fountains by collecting the dew from petals.

"I don't really want to go to school, Mother God," I said.

Azna smiled and shook her head. Her dark tresses fell over her beautiful face.

"All souls have to go to school so that they can become Gods and run universe's when they grow up."

"Why would I want to run a universe when I can just play with my friends," I said.

"And why can't I just learn in the Library Of Light."

"All I have to do is touch the scrolls and the knowledge is mine."

"It's not enough, Child. Theory is fine, but you only know LOVE when you experience it."

"Ha ha," I said, "I know about Love. It's easy. I Love everyone and everyone Love's me, That's just the way you made me."Angel Child

"Yes, but you don't know about Love when everyone is opposing you, and you don't understand Love when you're tired and cold and lonely, and you don't remember Love when everyone else has forgotten it."

"What else do I have to learn at Earth School?"

"You have to learn how to be Wise."

"But I already know that. If I need to know anything I just have to ask you."

Azna smiled. "It's different in Earth School, Child. You have to learn to look for how things work all by yourself and teach others on a way that they understand as if they had discovered it for themselves."

"So then I just have to learn how to be kind and wise and then I can come home again real soon. Other souls have told me that it's over within just a blink of the eye."

Azna sighed. "It may take a few centuries to learn these two simple things. They are'nt really taught in Earth School and you'll forget everything you know now. I send spiritual teacher's to remind people how to be free but they often get killed."

"Do I have to go alone," I said.

"I'll send you an Angel," said Azna.

"She'll look after you when you're little and even when you're bigger than she is, she'll still look out for you."

"Good, I did'nt want to be alone," I said.

"I'll need an Angel so that I won't forget what it's like to be happy. What's her name?"


"You'll Call Her MUMMY."

Gemma and Ethan

To my beautiful Gemma & Ethan


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