The Creation

The Creation

We are pleased to bring understanding and clarification on what is The Creation.

This is a challenge because your language of communication has not the words for describing this conception of Creation.

So as not to put any more limitation, please close your eyes, call forth the great spirit of the one residing within you. Listen and continue reading with the divine Presence within.

Now imagine a great circle of infinity, with no ending and no beginning in front of you.

This will represent The Creation.

Now imagine that this circle is a great movie film without ending and without beginning, but moving ever creatively on, constantly unfolding the unlimited potential of the create will.

What we will do now is pause a frame in the sequence of the ongoing film of no-time and no space, no ending and no beginning. The Creation represents fulfilled and yet unfulfilled Creative Potential. Creation is the totality of all that is; which in your human perspective is All that has been and All that is to be.

Now keep in mind, the Laws of Balance, of Intent, Attraction, and Allowance are the same Universals Laws of Order and Logic. So then how is the Creative Potential realized and fulfilled?

The CreationThrough the Great Spiritually Perfected Being which brings the Potential of that which represents The Creation into coalescence of matter, such as planets, starts, animals,plants and minerals. Now you have one Great Spiritually Perfected Being which is the Mind Intelligence of your Galaxy of which we call the father/mother Creator (The Thought of Creation made manifest)

The reason that we are one with Creation is that this thought has fragmented itself. This great spirit, to allow his unfolding creative Potential unlimited varieties of experience. Thus each human, each Angel, each being which is created and fragmented of the creation, is a unique creative-potential filled reflection of aspect of the great Mind Intelligence (The Thought of Creation).

So, we have The Creation, which represents the Great Sacred Circle of Infinity, without end or beginning, which holds the fulfilled and unified Creative Potential of the Totality of all that is. Then we have the Mind Intelligence the thought of Creation and since we are a part of the Creation, hence the truth ..


You see, since most of you (especially those of you who have believed various human doctrines in your religious institutions), have been programed to be dependent and not take responsibility, and since you have been programmed that somehow you are separate from your Creator, learning to take personal responsibility seems unnatural and frightening to you.


Well, when you recognize the truth that you have created all within this manifested illusion, it can be a bit over-whelming to your consciousness to realize that you have also contributed to the DIS-ease upon your plane and yourselves

There is NO ONE else to blame anymore.

Personal Responsibility means taking action to balance the unbalance, to bring love where there is hatred, to bring harmony where there is chaos, to bring discipline where there is disorder and to bring peace where there is war. Each one of you will open your own door to the Spiritual Power of Love within you when you start taking responsibility for all deeds.

Each one who harmonizes and balances within brings the Light of Balance and Harmony to the pool of mass consciousness, so that it eventually will no longer be the cesspool of darkness and despair which it is now.

Please recognize that you each represent with in you the mind intelligence for Unlimited Spiritual Creative Potential. There is much joy to be a part of this Potential. Let go of the illusions of the separation from Creation and attachment to the physical and emotional aspects of this Limited Plane.

Be responsible for what is your job to the clean up before you and SPREAD THE WORD OF TRUTH.

Your journey must be for the highest and best good for all of mankind.

This message has come from the same nameless source that has given us the New Paradigm series books.

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The Creation


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