What Are You Waiting For?

Are You Putting Off Your Dreams?

"I ought to change, but I've attempted and failed." Does this seem familiar?

Frequently, altering habits does seem insurmountable. A lot of us merely don't have enough motivation to alter our habits – all of our foul habits – in a way that would really affect our life. We hold them tight as we view them as rewards.But your habits determine your life.

Is your life visibly changing the way you want it to? Or are you still stuck with the same problems?

Are you forgetting your Dreams ?

If you want to improve the results in your life, you have to accept the fact that you can no longer do the same old things the same old way. Making a commitment to change your life is a big step.

DreamsIt usually occurs when something has happened to make you realize that you are unhappy with some aspect of your life. Often this event or circumstance will jolt you into deciding that the time has finally come to change your current situation and live your Dreams. The charge that you get from deciding to change your situation will keep you going through the early stages of your transformation.

For example, it can energize and motivate you to read a book, take a course, and even go through all the details of setting up a business. All those preparatory activities are necessary and good – but they amount to nothing unless you are able to get your Dreams started. And getting your dreams started — actually kicking your dreams into action — is new territory.

New means strange. And strange means uncomfortable.

If you feel that you were off to a good start but are currently stalled, you need to admit to yourself that you have probably slipped back into your comfort zone. More than likely you have been deceiving yourself that you are making progress, but at the same time you are really not getting anywhere. What you need to do is take action. Even if it is a very small action.

Don't give up on your Dreams !

Nothing you can tell yourself, nothing you can say to others, nothing you can think or feel or imagine is going to get you out of the mental bog you're mired in. The only thing that can rescue you is – to take that next step.

Maybe you know what that is. If you know exactly what it is, DO IT!

If you don't know, or aren't sure, allow you intuition to guide you. Do whatever you feel compelled to do, but do it NOW to get yourself going again — even if it means entering your discomfort zone.

Try the 30 Day Test ( Excerpt )

The hardest part of any new habit is pulling through the first month, particularly the 1st several days. When you've made it through those first thirty days, it's much simpler to continue as you've overpowered inertia.

When we consider changing a habit for good, we frequently psych ourselves out before we start. Believing we have to give something up for a lifetime is too overpowering to even think about.

Enter the 30 day test.

Rather than committing to a lasting change, your goal is to make a littler temporary dedication. Try out your new habit for only thirty days. After that you're free to stop and go back to your old ways. It's merely one month out of your life. That isn't so tough, is it?
Exercise every day for thirty days. Abandon television for thirty days. Arise at five daily for thirty days. Consider each 30-day test as a fun and intriguing challenge.

You're simply conducting a test to determine if you like it.

A 30-day trial still demands some discipline and persistence, but not nearly as much as a lasting change as you may always see the end of the tunnel. You've a guaranteed escape road if matters don't work out. Any sacrifice or loss you suffer is temporary.

You’re totally free to go back to your old ways on day thirty-one.

What occurs when you really finish a 30-day test?

** Firstly, you'll have gone far enough to make your fresh behavior a habit, making it simpler to carry on if you want.

** Secondly, you'll break your old pattern in that area, so your older habits won't wield as much power on your behavior.

** Thirdly, you'll have thirty days of success behind you, so you'll already have shown yourself you can accomplish this.

** And Fourth, you'll have enjoyed thirty days' worth of results, and if those results are favorable, you'll be more motivated to retain the habit.

Excerpt from… "Discarding Negative Habits" – Get your FREE COPY HERE

What are your dreams ?

To become a freelance artist / writer / consultant? To own your own business? To become financially independent . . . perhaps even wealthy?

Don't put off the success you've always dreamed about.

p.s Don't give up on your Dreams

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