Lose Fat Studies

Lose Fat Studies & Solution

In a world full of weight loss and nutrition scams, it’s very rare that I come across a legitimate solution that actually “stands out”, solves a huge problem, and gives people a REAL solution.

Back in December a young man approached us in a bar full of fitness professionals and in his STRONG French-Canadian accent he said: “Are you Rob?” After nodding my head at him with somewhat of a strange look on my face, he continued, “I’m Nick Pineault, and they call me the Nutrition Nerd, but I’m really a Food Detective.”

Then he proceeded: “Based on how passionate you are about helping others learn the REAL truth about fat-burning foods, I think you’d probably be shocked by what I’ve discovered inside all the health and diet foods we’re all eating on a daily basis.”

Then he pulled out a physical version of his book and nearly blew my mind. This book was easily one of the “smartest” and most thoroughly researched nutrition systems that I had ever seen before on….

How to Lose Fat

Since that time Nick has worked tirelessly for days on end researching well over 512 studies to validate the efficacy of his approach. Nick has now completed his “masterpiece” and it’s already getting tons of national attention…

So if you’re a health nut or food lover who struggles to lose fat..

the “Food Detective” will show you EXACTLY why all your efforts are being sabotaged by new and dangerous health food additives.

Did you know that harmful additives are hidden inside common “health” foods that you probably have inside your fridge right now?

These additives block your body’s natural ability to burn and lose fat.

These “dirty” ingredients also trigger more food CRAVINGS which block your ability to lose fat.

And they contain harmful ingredients that cause you to become addicted to these foods like a hardcore street drug.

In fact, there is one sneaky little culprit that's found in almost every supermarket “health food” that attaches to the same EXACT receptor that causes junkies to become addicted to opiates like heroin and morphine.

Why? Because it's fast, it's cheap, and it helps the food industry profit from you. You see, when you get hooked on the "addictive" additives in their foods, you buy more and more.

If you’ve ever experienced uncontrollable cravings or if you’ve ever found yourself gorging on an entire bag of greasy chips then you’re not alone.

And it’s getting more dangerous every day because those “dirty” ingredients that are normally found in unhealthy, fattening chips and processed pastries are now put into the common “health” foods you eat everyday.

Global Food Conglomerates hide these poisonous, fat storing ingredients in the “healthy” foods you eat daily. In fact, dozens of these ingredients actually attach to the same EXACT receptors that cause junkies to get “hooked” on opiates like heroin and morphine.

And the breakthrough research inside this brand new article can help you AVOID these nasty little culprits and get them out of your diet in LESS than 24 hours:

You’ll NEVER lose fat without this (512 studies PROVE it)

You don’t need to follow an overly strict, complicated diet.
You don’t need to only buy expensive organic groceries.
And you certainly don’t need to prepare a bunch of bland, boring, and tasteless recipes.

Just read this highly Controversial Report that Nick wrote and you’ll see the info you need to avoid all the sneaky, fat storing ingredients in your health foods that are TOXIC to your body and hinder your goal to lose fat.

The entire 24 hour diet makeover is laid out for you step-by-step inside this easy to implement system:

BANISH all the fat storing ingredients hidden inside YOUR kitchen – CLICK HERE!

And you’ll do it all, in LESS than 24 hours.

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