The Lifting of the Veils of the Corrupt

We are living in interesting times which includes the lifting of the veils of the corrupt… stay tuned.

A lot of people are losing their minds. I don’t need to provide links at Visible Origami. You read about it. You hear about it. People in powerful positions, people Lifting of the Veilswith wealth and name recognition are exhibiting odd behavior or… are we just seeing it more now?

Politicians are getting themselves caught in financially and sexually compromising situations. Religious figures and even entire priest classes are being exposed for similar behaviors. Big business operatives are being caught out at fraud, theft and all the variations of the same
Nations that have been the beneficiary of a fabricated good will, as well as a consistent white-washing of their casual brutalities and crimes, are being exposed to the eyes of the world. Even as this happens, they are being compelled to behave even more outrageously.

Events that fail to achieve media coverage are being broadcast around the world through alternative devices.

Losing your mind or regaining your true nature; neither one of these is an entirely pleasant experience. One of them is certainly less pleasant than the other. Consider what it must be like to lose your mind when that is all that was holding together your idea of yourself and the world. Suddenly, everything that was familiar to you has become strange and threatening.

Those driven by self interest carry a great deal of fear.

Maybe part of the Symptoms of Ascension

A large part of the game is to make you believe that you need to be a part of it. You are already a part of something, should you choose to make the connection in that regard. Some things can be said and heard and some things have to be intuited. There are none of us without recourse to this and this is a critical time in which to exercise it. The volume is being turned up for your benefit. Take the opportunity to listen.

In this hour of judgment and revealing, there are many blessings and precious gifts being dispensed. You have to open yourself up to receive them. You are already in the community you imagine yourself inhabiting. Acting as if this were true causes it to reveal itself.

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