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Beyond The Old Way of Manifesting

Effortless Manifesting Belief

Since we were children, we've been taught that we're separate from what we want. Many of us we're taught that we have to "earn our way", struggle and "work hard" to get ahead.

But thisbeliefwasn't taught to us directly, most went way below our "normal radar".

Most beliefs were formed because of what we experienced and felt. We watched Mom and Dad, the media, our school systems, churches and even our friends as we sat silently just taking it all in…

It's like we were programmed to suffer without even knowing it.
This "programming" created a false premise that we need "things" (money, possessions, status, recognition, etc) in order to feel comfortable, loved and secure…

Since no one ever questions this false premise, it becomes a belief.

Not an ordinary belief – a deeply ingrained belief – way  down at the unconscious level. What this belief causes is  an incredible amount of suffering and struggle in our everyday lives.

It affects literally everything you do:

  • Your Career
  • Your Finances
  • Your Confidence and Esteem
  • Your Inner Peace

…And Even Your Health

In fact, most people suffer from what I call the "Not Enough" Effect for so long, the inner stress it creates becomes the root cause of the most common diseases we see today in our society.


Because this inner stress and feeling of separation wears away at the mind and body, and our life force gradually fades until it's too late. Or, until something wakes us from the "trance of scarcity".

But what if there was a simpler way…?

… a much simpler way to create what you want in your life – and be free of the worries about money, and the anxiety of how you're going to move forward in your life?

A way that makes the old model of suffering and struggling to "get ahead" obsolete.

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