George Kavassilas

Our Journey and The Grand Deception.

Who are we, What is 2012 Ascension all about?

George Kavassilas has always seen the world through different eyes compared to those around him.

Even from a very young age he was aware that the George Kavassilasuniverse was full of life, and could see and feel life around him in a far more significant way than other people, which included the teachings of the so called education system, religious doctrines and society in general portraying a vastly different and limited perspective.

The journey began for George Kavassilas as far back as his memories of this current life allow, to around the age of five.

He has memories of being taken from his bed at night onto ships, and being taken to other places on the planet and to other worlds.

His interactions with other Beings on many different levels of realities have been occurring throughout his life.

These experiences were both with benevolent Beings, of which George calls his “Greater Family”, and malevolent others who have the ability to appear in many guises.

George Kavassilas always knew that life was going to change on the planet in the very near future, and that he was going to play a role in that change.  This feeling and knowing dwelled way beyond his mind, it was centred right into the core of his Being. Past experience had given George the gift of understanding the obligation and responsibility he felt toward humanity.

Also, when he was in the presence of his greater family, the “Great Change”  and the transformation of Mother Earth was what all were discussing and preparing for.

He also knew that he would not be taking this journey alone, and that there was someone special, a feminine aspect of self who was to take his side. In June 2009, George Kavassilas crossed paths with his Beloved and so began the re-integration of his masculine and feminine aspects. With this foundation in place it is now time for George to move forward into the arena of the public domain and share his experiences, knowledge and wisdom with his global Human Family.

As George says,…… “The time of THE GREAT CHANGE is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago.  All who have chosen to be here at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few on Earth can currently comprehend, and of which multitudes in the Universe regard in the highest esteem.  

The transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and her Humanity into Beings of Light and Universal Creators.”

George Kavassilas has had an incredible variety of experiences, including travelling up through the dimensions of our Universe and rediscovering what life here on this planet is all about. It is more significant than you are led to believe. YOU are more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can imagine or currently comprehend.

Be warned, George’s message is not for the faint hearted, even the most spiritually aware are in for a big surprise.

His many messages include…

  • Are YOU ready for 2012 and “The Great Change”?
  • The structure of the Universe, our journey and why we are on planet Earth at this time.
  • Who we really are, where we come from and where we are headed.
  • 2012-2013, the transformation of Mother Earth and her Humanity.
  • The Grand Deception and ET influences in our earthly paradigm.
  • Lure and entrapments from collective hive minds.
  • Who the galactic federation of light is and what role they are playing.
  • The suppressed and forgotten Divine Feminine.
  • Mother Earth, Father Sun and their message to Humanity.

By exploring the videos and articles presented you may find that you will…

  • Achieve a greater and expanded awareness.
  • Improve YOUR powers of discernment.
  • Be self empowered from within.
  • Be prepared for the coming changes, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Find an inner peace once again through remembering “Our Journey Home”.

Our Journey and The Greatest Secret on Earth : George Kavassilas : Part 1 : 1 of 6

  • Who are we , where do we come from and where are we headed?
  • What is 2012 and ascension all about?
  • What does the activation of the planetary light body in 2013 represent?
  • Could it possibly mean that this planet is going to become a star?
  • What role does the Divine Feminine play in all of this?
  • Could she possibly be the true forgotten hero?
  • The grand deception, what is it?
  • Who and what is the galactic federation of light?
  • The harmonic synchronization of our DNA into the precessional cycle
  • Understanding life beyond ascension

Big questions I know but the answers aren’t as inconceivable as you may think.

To View this series go to Georges YouTube Channel – HERE

The Divine Feminine Doorways to Ascension the Birthing of a New Consciousness part 1 of 13

To View this series go to Georges YouTube Channel – HERE

Why there’s NEVER going to be a New World Order

The New World Order will never happen and George Kavassilas tells us why….

Remember how big you are, and remember how big this universe is. The cabal operating from behind the scenes is not just manipulating on this planet.

Ascension is around the corner. As we now become aware of who we are, of what’s about to take place and of the overlords agenda we can see through the false light and enter the true!

Thank you

George Kavassilas.

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