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You Are Worthy of Greatness

Focusing on the way you want your life to be when things, not going your way in the present moment, is not the easiest thing to do. But if you have the determination to focus your attention in every area of your life as you want it to be, rather than as it is, your life will change dramatically.

You are worthy of greatness !

As you begin to notice the instant, benevolent, cooperative response of the universe responding to your desires, you will in very quickly be one who is willing to let go of everything and anything that is not part of your vibration. You will let bygones be bygones, ex-partners be ex-partners, grudges and mistakes of others and your own, complaints and ill wishes, injustice and bad behavior all become non-issues.

You will purify your vibration from the stuff you don't like and will replace it with the things you do like, appreciate and want. And with far less trouble than you think and in far less time and effort than you think.

You will begin to offer a vibration that will net you evidence of your thoughts. That evidence is nothing more than the indication of the improved story you are telling.

Remember, you are Source Energy that has come here to create and you are worthy of every idea that comes to you. The resources of the universe are here to assist you in your creation just as surely as they assist the earth in spinning in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets.

There is no greater creator than you and no greater reason to create than the things you desire in your life.

Everything you create is for the purpose of the joyous satisfaction that it gives you as the Source within you expands. It is my desire that you think enough of yourself to want to feel good and do whatever it takes to feel good

Even if that means ignoring those who lie to you, ignoring those things that you disapprove of, and turning your undivided attention to the things you desire. With every thought you think and with every desire you give birth to the universe expands.

And it is only through your joyous quest that all is possible. 

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr.Robert Anthony

Today's Enlightened Message.

Do you know your real strength? 
Deep inside you is a power that is so profound it can literally wipe clean any problem you have in milliseconds.
Would you like to know how to access this power today?
Ok, the first step is to practice being extremely gentle with yourself in everything you attempt to do today. When approaching life, keep your mind calm and centered.
Do this by following the long slow flowing movement of your breath.
This breathing awareness will maintain a deep calm in you, and radiate a peaceful vibration where nobody can ruffle your feathers.
It is within the calm eye of the storm that your real strength is revealed.
You can test it out with someone or something  that tends to disturb or aggravate you. Feel into your flowing breath as you meet them, and fall deeper within into that quiet still calm place inside.
This breathing journey is the rhythm of finding the amazing soul of You. You'll soon see how strong you truly are because you can totally let go of any judgments of your outer world.
The wise one feels into the pain and releases it through each exhalation.
From this process, your entire life becomes a pillar of strength naturally inspiring everyone else to discover theirs too.
Who knew letting go could be soooo empowering!
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