What are you focused on

What Do You Focus On

We learn about ourselves by having a look at physical reality, continually anticipating outcomes and bit by bit refining them for better accuracy. As we take on every new level of reality, we reach ever- greater levels of focus and awareness.

We can’t discover and grow solo in a void. We have to form fresh connections inside ourselves and with other people to broaden our capabilities.

By merging as a community, we accomplish ever- richer levels of familiarity, thereby increasing our reason, motivation, and creative thinking. Try to focus on relationships.

We’re vastly creative organisms, free to convey ourselves in physical form. By casting off idleness, timidness, and cowardliness, we become able to focus and exert might responsibly rather than living in dread of our own greatness.

With trained, centered action, we produce our own reality and respect the reality of who we truly are.

Your current level of results is nothing more than a residual outcome of your past thoughts, feelings and actions. This has nothing to do with what you are capable of becoming or who you are capable of becoming unless you continue to make the same choices.

FocusThoughts create our emotional state. They affect our health. Thoughts even influence what we do and say to people. No matter what the situation or circumstances, everything we do stems from thought.

Then the thought turns into feelings, which turn into actions, to finally results. There are actually three classes of thoughts we experience each day of our lives. These thoughts include positive, action, and worry.

Think about your results as a mirror. A mirror doesn’t judge, it doesn’t say something is good or bad, right or wrong. It doesn’t edit or delete – a mirror just reflects back whatever is in front of it.

It reflects what you focus on.

Focus on your universal mirror is very helpful because when you get to see that, if you have been getting what you desire, you know you’re on your game.

When you have less than pleasing results, that is just the universe reflecting back to you where you need to focus your thoughts, feelings and point of focus. In short, it lets you know you are out of the flow in those particular areas.

There is no judgment involved.

It is just the universe saying “Hello!”  “This is your tenth marriage, are you going to wake up?”

“Hello!”  “You’re broke again, are you ready to find a better way to stay in the flow and the stream of abundance?”

Never be discouraged about your less than pleasing results.

Use them as a wake-up call that you are out of alignment and then use what you are learning to put yourself back into the flow and back into alignment.

Be Real

If you communicate genuinely, you speak your reality without suppressing anything. This helps other people comprehend you accurately and associate with you frankly and lovingly. Genuine communicating empowers us.

As you interact with other people, neither overdo nor minimize what’s real for you.

Be totally real.

Your honesty won’t forever get a favorable response, but let other people have their responses without feeling you have to make-believe to be something you’re not.
If you attempt to angle the reality in order to tell individuals what you believe they wish to hear, you unplug from your real self, and you urge other people to live in abnegation of their own might.

Abnegating your might is an ill service to everybody. The best course is to be totally truthful and accept that other people are free to respond as they decide. You needn’t agree with their response; simply let it be.

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Focus NowIn order for you to be productive in life, you must learn to focus and control your thoughts. You must learn to use the right types of thoughts that enter your mind daily. Also remember that not all thoughts produce actions that lead to results. Only those thoughts that we dwell on predominately are what will lead to results for us.

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you have to vibrate to it.

In order to vibrate to something you must focus on positive thoughts. If you don’t, you won’t get what you are striving for.

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you will vibrate toward what you wish to achieve. If you have any slight negativity, worry, or are unsure in the slightest degree, this doubting or negative energy can inhibit you from accomplishing your task, unless you stop them immediately and focus on positive thoughts.

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