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If you believe you are somehow – seperate – from the rest of humanity… that you are "special" and don't need to bother yourself with such trivial matters, please watch this very moving video from a scientist who know's the Truth !

"Understanding that we have a profound connection is very important to our human race"

These words provide a vital part of the solution to the problems we face. It is when we make our political, environmental, economic and personal decisions with this understanding of our our intrinsic connectedness that true change will come. Jill Bolte explains so amazingly the state of Nirvana in scientific terms the state which ancient Indians tried to explain in various books such as the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Brahma sutras etc. – The concept of Advaita philosophy. Becoming one with the Infinite Spirit (the whole cosmic energy) that is referred in all the great vedanta books as the Brahman (the one infinite spirit) – the way to knowledge and peace !! Never miss a chance to watch this video, for this contains a very detailed abstract of how we humans with body and mind is connected to the one spirit and continue to live as individuals.

"Dr. Bolte-Taylor's presentation is truly fantastic!" "Years of meditation, esoteric studies, experimentation, whatever discipline one might choose described / explained in 18:44 minutes." "I wish, hope, pray this travels around the world for all to understand." "May her presentation be the " 100th Monkey Effect " for our planet!"