The Power of Focus Can Lead To Your Success

Power Of Focus And Success

When we were born we didn’t get an owner’s manual for our minds. We created reality through our focus of attention and our thoughts.

Your Power Of Focus determines your POINT OF ATTRACTION.

power of focusPut it this way – If there are 100 things surrounding you and 1 of them is good and the other 99 are rotten, if you focus on the 1, the other 99 must leave you. If you are surrounded by 100 things and 99 of them are good and 1 of them is rotten and you focus on the one that is rotten, in your quest to quell the problem, the other 99 will become rotten too.

That is your power of focus.

So use your power of focus and the guidance that comes from within and work every day to stand wherever you are and see the world through the eyes of Source Energy. As you do, you will attract people who will resonate with your desires and those who have been annoying you will annoy you less or go away all together.

You cannot hold in your experience unpleasant things when you are looking for that which is pleasant. You cannot bring to your experience pleasant things when you are fixated on something unpleasant.  It is as simple as that. Tune yourself in to what you want and watch how cooperative the Law of Attraction and this universe will be for you.

Actions Match Desires?

Every action you take will either strengthen or weaken your power. Every time you give in to any impulse, your ability to resist it in the future becomes weaker. Anytime you are tempted by any behavior that is in contradiction to what you desire, you have a strengthening choice or a weakening choice.

Instead of looking at such options as a temptation to overcome, I want you to begin looking at those moments as opportunities. You have an opportunity to strengthen your ability to become a Deliberate Creator.

Think – if you make that strengthening decision just once, the pain of it will be only very brief, but the strengthening of your ability to make choices that will support you instead of defeat you will last you for the rest of your life.

Say to yourself, “As I choose the strengthening decision now, I am making myself more powerful and my life easier from this moment on”.


So what are the traits that can make someone successful.

#1: Serve Others… A big mistake a lot of people make while pursuing their dreams is living in a “looking out for number one” culture.
There is something powerful about helping others along your journey.
In your own life, you should find that this approach to success is incredibly empowering and highly rewarding at the same time. “What comes around, Goes around”

giving backSharing positive energy with other people around you breeds more of the same. Doing this creates ripples in your world, and it really sets the stage for everything else to come. The goodwill you create eventually finds its way back to YOU.

Ok, now you might be thinking, “Yeah, helping out other folks is great and all, but how does that make ME successful?” If you’ve got something valuable to offer the world that improves people’s lives in some way, success is inevitable. When you add value, people will beat a path to your door and practically beg you to take their money.

#2: Keep at it and keep learning… There’s a rebellious appeal to pushing back when life gets tough. Say to yourself “Ok, so that didn’t work…how can I do it better next time?”
If you can process your setbacks the same way, you’re not actually failing at anything.
You’re just trying for the umpteenth time until you get it right.
Before you make the perfect omelette, you’ll have to break a hundred eggs first.

#3: Focus is everything… Most people only pay attention to the glamorous side of success.
Having your 15 minutes of fame, expensive cars and a big house are all just the tip of iceberg. But underneath the surface is the boring part of success that folks don’t want to see.
Norman Jewison, an award-wining director about the matter: “(He) said, ‘I think it all has to do with focusing yourself on one thing.’”
In any given field of work, people will pay you top dollar if you’re really good at doing something very specific. And that means a LOT of repetition, no matter what your “thing” is.
Sure, the methods have evolved and we’ve gotten it down to a science, but it’s essentially the same process of drilling it into your brain until it sticks. If you’ve got your sights set on succeeding at something, you’ll have to put your nose down in it until it becomes second nature to you. The Power Of Focus !

#4: Talent is Overrated… Being naturally gifted at something is a nice advantage and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that will only get you so far if you want to play the long
game. A lot of experts don’t see talent as the true metric of success.
Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, believes that it’s the amount of EFFORT that really counts, regardless of a person’s standing in life or the amount of talent they have. In other words it’s the power of focus to achieve despite the effort involved.

She calls this the “Growth Mindset”, and people with this characteristic LOVE facing new, unfamiliar challenges. They get a kick out of pushing past their comfort zone and learning something new… because they know it’s going to upgrade their skills and abilities.

They keep moving forward anyway.
Whenever they knock down a challenge, they learn from the experience… then it strengthens the connection between the neurons in their brain, making them fire better.
This is something worth thinking about the next time you tell yourself that you’re not smart or talented enough.

#5: Stand on the shoulders of giants… The path to greatness is never walked alone.
And in YOUR story, you’ll find plenty of wise and benevolent folks out there who know “what’s what.” They can show you the ropes, tell you how they screwed up and teach you how to be BETTER than them.

But remember, they won’t help you unless you ASK.

Whatever you’re trying to do now, chances are someone else has done it before. You need to SEEK OUT these people, find out their story, and learn from it.
People who struggle with finding success often forget just how abundant the world can be. Go out and find these people, starting today.

Let their knowledge empower you – and their success inspire you.
Also… Cut out the toxic people from your life.
If they’re not supporting your dreams and pushing you to be your best, then STOP hanging out with them.
Find driven, positive and supportive people. They’ll celebrate your successes and lift you up when you stumble on your journey.

#6: Feed your subconscious… Most people fail before they’ve even started because of that inner critic in their head. The way negative-minded folks punish themselves is brutal. Their subconscious is so wired to assume the worst in any situation, that they end up
quitting early or not trying at all.

The danger of negative self-talk is that if you keep telling yourself something over and over, you’ll end up believing it. Belief is both a powerful AND terrifying force in your life.

Unsuccessful people don’t understand how much of an impact the wrong beliefs can make in their lives. When your subconscious subscribes to a certain belief, it’s going to do everything it can to make it happen in the real world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s actually real or not – your subconscious will treat it as REALITY.
And the cool part is you’ll unknowingly act this out in the real world. What’s not so cool though is if your head’s full of negative thoughts…
…because you’re guaranteed to trip yourself up every step of the way on the path to success.

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