The New Reality

The New Reality

Earth Angels

This e-book could probably be summed up very easily in one or two sentences, as now that we are vibrating so much higher as a group and as individuals, simplicity is ever present. So where are we now, and what is this new reality all about?

Purpose, sustainability, and connecting to each other. And that pretty much sums things up. The New Reality !We need first know our purpose. This is the purpose that exists just below our overall purpose of vibrating love. What are we here to contribute, what are we about, and what makes us light up and come alive?

What have we always known the most about, and been interested in forever? Is there just one thing, or are there several?

What would we bring to a community, if it was our sole job to perform, and no one could perform it but us?What are we continually asked to do?

Reality What do people see in us, when they do indeed see us? Are we whole and complete within ourselves, enough to contribute instead of to take? Can we hold ourselves up, as we embody so much energy and light, and do we know what we are about and what we are here to do?

Do others continually crave our energy (a good sign that we are very high vibrating and whole within)?

Have we experienced success in our old roles, so we know that we can do it, and it is not then about being destitute and needing someone to take care of us? Are we weary beyond words from doing it all, an indicator that we are now very ready to connect to others?

Do we find that when we connect to others, we feel oh so much better, energized, and are aware that we are creating a very new energy combined of more than one soul?

Are we more than tired of being alone? Does our old personal sanctuary now feel empty and bare, as it now needs to be filled with the light of others?

Do we want to go out there now, instead of staying at home?

The new reality is all about connecting to each other.

If we try and grasp onto anything in the new reality, all by ourselves, we can feel as though we are grabbing at thin air without any possibility of anything gripping or grabbing on.

There is simply nothing there, and nothing will manifest. The old ways of manifesting are very weak in the new reality in many ways. Energy sustains itself now, and is created now, through the connection of one light being to another light being; and these light beings are us, or those who have crossed over into the new reality.

This then, is the secret; connecting to each other is the secret. And it is a secret that will bring new joy, endless love, and eternal happiness to us all.”

Excerpt from – ” Crossing Over ” – The Secret

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