The Dawn of Unity Consciousness

March 9th represents the DAWN OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

The 9th Wave arrives on this auspicious day to initiate the final changes and invite us to co-create the reality our hearts long for: we must remember and re-Consciousnessmember Who We Are. We must use our thoughts and our intentions to manifest the energy of peace within us and without us. This is the wave that offers us the chance to end all separation and bring us back towards LOVE.

Like all waves, it undulates. It carries periods of light where we receive intuitions and deep wisdom about truth, and periods of dark where we must integrate what we have been given and work to release what holds us back. We are being called and the Universe is pointing the way for us to Return to Love.

Each wave of the Mayan Calendar has 13 levels, and one of the primary differences in this one and others is the speed at which the changes from light to dark and back to light occur. We must move through acceptance, integration, surrender, and choice in a heartbeat.

We no longer have the luxury of “putting off until tomorrow” what needs to be done today. We must act in every moment with clarity of only the highest thoughts and without emotion. We must cease arguing within ourselves (“I want to do this, but I can’t or it’s too hard!”) We must stop the duality within ourselves in order to stop it within the world.

The 9th Wave arrives in 13 levels, each level carrying a particular vibratory intention. The levels and the energy they carry are described as a process, the process of our unfolding:

Level 1- initiates a new beginning (start thinking differently)
Level 2- creates a reaction (integrate the new way)
Level 3- activates what we initiated (intentions into action)
Level 4- stabilizes the changes
Level 5- empowers us (discover who we really are!)
Level 6- creates flow (surrender to being part of the universe)
Level 7- reveals to us (the veil disappears!)
Level 8- harmonizes us (move with acceptance of each other)
Level 9- creates forward movement (start living a new reality)
Level 10- challenges us (manifest unity; overcome obstacles)
Level 11- creates clarity in us (listening to divine intuition)
Level 12- creates understanding (unconditional acceptance)
Level 13- completes (we are now the new humans)

Each of us can participate in co-creating unity consciousness, peace, harmony, and love by being aware of each level and synchronizing our own thoughts intentions with the universal intentions.

Leading Mayan Calendar Scholar Carl Johan Calleman has said this about the 9th Wave:

“The new consciousness generated by the 9th wave is something very special and significant. The 9th wave brings a shift to Unity Consciousness where the human mind no longer will be dominated by any dark filter. We will be “transparent,” seeing reality the way it is, and transcending all separation.

This is what we have been waiting for — seeing the unity of all things.

Only a shift to Unity Consciousness will forever stop the unchecked exploitation of the Earth and on a deeper level make us understand that we are part of creation and need to live in harmony with it.

But will such a shift just happen automatically?

The 9th wave makes Unity Consciousness a shift whose time has truly come. This wave will cap off all previous evolution and bridge the new world that will follow the end of the calendar.

However, a large-scale consciousness shift cannot happen against human will.

Especially at the highest levels of evolution, such as the 9th, it can only happen through human beings that choose to serve as co-creators.

If we make the commitment, we can co-create unity consciousness with the 9th wave.”


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