How to Be In The Moment-Live Life and Stop Worrying

How to Be In The Moment

Have you ever had a moment in time when you were amazed at how connected things and people are?

Sometimes it comes from finding out that a current friend went to college with someone you both know or your colleague in a foreign country is reading the very same book you are at the time. 

As our world has shrunk and we are able to communicate so quickly, we now can validate what many have been saying throughout the ages;

we are all connected.

"The motions and patterns and connections of things become apparent on a gut level."- Robyn Davidson

When we are having a difficult time it is easy to forget that we are connected.  It isn't that our connection is ever broken, most of the time it is because we have Be In The Momentclosed down our extensions of connection and forgotten we are not alone.

Have you ever had a bad day lightened up by an interaction with a stranger? 

Have you ever had difficulty understanding something and then received an answer simply by observing nature or animals?

Try this when you are seeking an answer to a question. Go for a walk in nature, or even just in your neighborhood. As you walk, suspend thinking about either the question or the answer and pay attention to your environment

Feel the temperature of the air on your skin, notice the sound your feet make as you walk, let your eyes move and see whatever they want to, smell the air and touch the textures that you pass as you walk. 

As much as possible, just be in the moment with the changing scenery as you walk. Notice any pattern you see along the way, the way the flowers are growing, the way the dogs fight for a bone or the stillness of the evening, as examples. When you come home ask yourself if you have any answers to your question.

Allow whatever is there to emerge

On a deep gut level, you always know more than you think you do.


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