Do Angels and Demons Exist?

Yes! Angels Exist

They are a symbol of man’s connected consciousness…

They are the highest vibrational guide…

They exist on all dimensions…

You’ll often hear them called light bodies because their vibration is the closest vibration in frequency to that of Source energy or God energy. Thus, they are the least dense and often they come across as light, the reason is that light is the very first manifestation into the physical dimension and therefore, the least physically manifested thing which show up as pure light.

They do not necessarily have wings, the wings which you have associated with angels are more of a metaphor because during the judeo-christian era, which is when the true symbol of angels arose messages used to be sent via birds over long distances and so, the people of that time saw wings as a representative of a messenger, of a message.

So. . .  angels come across with that image because they are a spiritual messenger.

Angels carry a message from source or that which we call God, so it’s a symbolic image just like demons are a symbolic image because of the christian influence which is still so prevalent today. The image of an angel with wings is still something which speaks to most of humanity and so they can show up that way but they also can and will show up in whatever other image would be best received by you.

AngelsHere’s a small side note… when upper dimensional extraterrestrial life forms appear to human kind they often come across as beings of light, and thus, are often seen as angels.

Many of the historical runnins which you’ve heard of with people and angels are actually extraterrestrial encounters. Pleadians are a major culprit for this misinterpretation, you could say but perhaps we should’nt call it a misinterpretation because the goal of the angel and the extraterrestrial which exists in a higher dimensional reality is one and the same.

The goal of the angel and the higher dimensional reality extraterrestrials is to connect you to your Source energy — to connect you to your higher self — to help you close the gap between where you are and where your higher self is vibrationally — to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be — to guide you towards your own alignment.

You could say fallen angels are a representation of man’s own fear of separation of disapproval, of exile and of being cast out therefore they’re more like a demon thought form than an angel thought form.

For this reason fallen angels are not actually considered angels like demons. Angels must be invited to become a part of your subjective reality and to become part of your conscious awareness. They’re invited by your desire and by your awareness and focus on them. They may choose to collapse their wave form and show up in an overt way as an archetypal angel such as archangel Michael or Gabriel or Uriel, etc. or they may show up with no identity or no name.

We see this quite often with people where their light bodies or their angels, basically,will come across with no gender and no name because they want to pull you closer to the idea of non separateness and of oneness,they may also show up as a deceased loved one, their interaction with the person is not the same across all people.

They may communicate with you, through. . . sensations like the feeling of total love and acceptance, and the feeling of safety or they may come across with scents or sounds like those trumpets you hear and associate with heaven.

They may feed the energy of compulsion, meaning that you may feel super compelled by one of them to go and pick up a book off of a shelf, if you’ve been asking a question and the answer could be in that book or they may communicate with you via their very favorite modality of discourse which assigns that which your less connected people see as coincidences.

One of these most common coincidences you’ll find with angelic beings is that they make you convalesce with signs such as the number eleven, you may always see the number 11:11 on the clock that’s because the number 11 is the number which is associated with angels because it carries the very frequency of spirituality, of intuition, of inspiration and most of all of light.

That’s why it’s referred to, in numerology circles, as the light bearer, even though every single person alive today has their attention and devotion regardless of what you’re doing.

You must ask for their active help in your life because of the law of free will when you came into this physical dimension you chose to become two points of perspective. You are the perspective your higher self… You are also the perspective of your individual physical existence and as such, you have the free will of focus.

You get to pay attention to whatever it is you want to pay attention to, and thus your subjective reality will become the exact match, the physical match, of that focus, and so, if you choose not to focus on the presence of angels they cannot show up in your objective reality and we can flip this and say…unless you choose to consciously focus on and invite this angelic presences into your life they can’t be a part of your reality.

Angels BelieverIf you choose to focus on angelic presences and invite them into your life they must become a part of your subjective reality.

They cannot impose themselves on your reality because signs are their most fluent form of discourse. Perhaps the easiest way to communicate with angelic life forms is to ask for help or an answer, and then you keep your eyes open and allow the answer to show up in the form of a sign then it will.

For example you could ask a question and then be driving in your car later that day and then a song will come on and the lyrics of that song will pertain exactly to the question you were asking.

So. . . that would be an example of a sign. Angels are very good with helping you convalesce, angels are not looking for worship that idea comes from man’s feeling of worthlessness.

What they are looking for is invitation. They, like us, are simply another aspect of Source energy and thriving in your physical life is a benefit to all that is including angels.

Their purpose, joy, and expansion is served by participating in our lives on a daily basis, their expansion is served by guiding us, they anticipate and wait to be called into our lives and to help us towards our own expansion and our desires that being said nothing is trivial to an angel.

If you allow angels into your life by asking for them and then opening up your focus in order to receive them they will make themselves known to you and what a beautifully sweet experience that is.

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