Be The Light

Be The Light

Prepare for change – 2013 was the crossroads for humanity, this is when we started to crossover from an age of darkness into a renaissance of light.

This means that every system that we're aware of, money, banking, education, government,energy, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and so forth are the very systems that are going to be evolving during this transition.

We’ve stepped from a predicted collapse of humanity – 2012 – into an age of light and awakening. This event is the switch, that flips humanity from an age of darkness, of intense learning, intensive growth that's been going on for thousands of years. We now get to step into a humanity that is about growth, thriving, successful integration with the nature of our planet. 

Beautiful changes are occurring everywhere on Earth ! All Light Workers are invited to participate as a New Society is being born into the Light of Truth.

Be The LightThe event is also physical, an accelerated shift from the age of money, from the age of power, greed corruption and tyranny to a time where we can share resources and control systems.

Who's had their run, who's had their play, who’ve served an important role in humanity,these control systems are now beginning to crumble.

What is going to happen during this time?

How about a complete shift of our banking system, shifting that infrastructure of banking and finance and the stock market into an engine of creation, the new wealth is going to be defined by a conscious economy and conscious business, that has love and compassion at its core.

What should we do to prepare and what is life going to be like ?

This is not a time for panicking but a time of celebrating – Be The Light !

The new discovery is going to be the land that was kept from us, the experience of being in abundance. Take an active participation in this event, become a catalyst for change, be the light to guide others ! 

We can alchemize this reality and this entire planet into an age of awakening. This isn't a resistance that's goes up against an insurmountable force. This is an invitation, a release of pushing back. We’ve passed the point of having to push, now we're at the point of taking action.

What is your pet project ? What is the passion that's been burning inside of you, to bring into reality, a new existence.

You are invited to visit those passions inside of you and share then openly – The time for cynicism is over – The time for fear has passed. do not be discouraged by what you see in the news, be excited, read between the lines to know that change is here and you are already part of the solution.

Step into your role, step into your leadership. We are all infinite beings of light. Be The Light !

Nothing that occurs in any war, in any kind of fear tactic can affect our loving vision of what could be so be excited to be part of this.

Get to know the solutions. While you're contemplating these new ideas of how a peaceful shift can occur, visualize clearly that we don't have to go homeless, we don't have to be hungry, we don't have to go through a war, to have a planetary shift. Feel those realities and those truths very clearly within your being and transmit that to everyone that you know.

Feel at peace about a peaceful world. Be centered in an idea that your backyard, where each one of us resides, is the perfect place to be during the coming events.

Welcome to the event, welcome to a new golden time, a renaissance of creativity. This is what we've been waiting for, this is what many of us have asked for. We are here empowered, stay your course, hold true to your vision. Be The Light !

This is the time to unfold those incredible projects of sustainability, independence and true freedom.

Remember who you are, remember what you are, it's all inside of us. 

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