Additional Secret of The Secret

The Additional Secret of The Movie The Secret

The past few years, with an absolute peak in 2006 as the movie The Secret was exposed to hundreds of thousands, an ever growing number of people is slowly waking up to the knowledge that there may just be more to life than the often robot-like existence of daily routines they lead.

With movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know, and books like ‘The Attractor Factor’ by Joe Vitale and the resurfacing of the secretThe Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, people increasingly realize that they can have much more success in life, if only they knew the secret that all these sources talk about.

Still, although hundreds of thousands of people have seen the movie The Secret, why are so few people living their ultimate lifestyle? Why aren’t all those people living the success they long for so bad? The success that all these movies promise them? Is there an additional secret to movies like The Secret ?

The obvious answer is ‘yes’. If there weren’t, every person having seen the movie The Secret would be living the lifestyle of their dreams, would be ‘attracting’ everything they long for, and would be ‘manifesting’ everything they desire into their lives ‘without any conscious effort’.

At least, isn’t that what you would think after watching movies like The Secret ?

Let me tell you what the problem is, what is also the cause of so many people still not achieving their desires and dreams, and what is also the additional ‘secret’ or ‘edge’ to the movie ‘The Secret’ and others.

The problem rests in a psychological phenomenon called ‘selective retention’. In simple terms, ‘selective retention’ means that you only remember the things you want to hear. In other words, you filter out the things you’d rather not hear.

Let’s relate this to the contents of movies like The Secret and other films and books with regard to this subject. What we can agree upon is that all these movies like The Secret and books like ‘The Attractor Factor’ are about a Universal Law called ‘The Law of Attraction’. According to the Law of Attraction, you can supposedly attract and manifest anything you want or desire into your life, based on what you focus your thoughts.

That’s the secret, according to the movie The Secret. What I can tell you upfront is that the Law of Attraction is real, but only to an extent.

There are very important nuances to its application, which movies like The Secret either don’t tell you about, or which you filter out through the psychological process of ‘selective retention’. The actual nuances and details of the application of the Law of Attraction are a subject to be discussed at another time and another place.

For now, it’s important to realize and acknowledge the one thing that most people are missing from movies like The Secret and the whole range of other products dealing with the Law of Attraction. You see, movies and books dealing with the Law of Attraction often overemphasize the word ‘effortless’. You are led to believe that you can attract things and manifest things into your life without any conscious effort from your side.

Quite likely, ‘effortless’ is exactly what you want to hear. Who wouldn’t like to do nothing while bringing about the most profound changes? People are hardly ever satisfied with their circumstances, so they desire change. However, although they desire change, at the same time they resist change. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s true.

Because as soon as any effort is required to actually make the change they desire come about, or to overcome the resistance experienced to make that change come about, people ‘cop out’. Do you recognize that? Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t. But that’s exactly why so many people don’t achieve any success, although they’ve seen the movie The Secret and supposedly know about … the secret.

Through their ‘selective retention’, the only thing that they remember and engrain is that ‘no effort is required’, and they filter out the part that says they should actually take inspired action. As a consequence, many people think that if they just think positively and try to focus on positive emotions most of the time, everything they desire will magically manifest into their lives while they’re sitting on the couch watching movies like The Secret and ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’.

They think suddenly some distanced relative they never heard of before in their lives, will leave them a legacy of millions of dollars while they’re eating potato chips and ice cream, as they keep on watching the movie ‘The Secret’. Or they visualize themselves as a Scrooge McDuck-equivalent, swimming around in a pool of money. Perhaps they include the Money Bin too.

And they expect a big bag of money to fall out the sky. As a side-effect, they get bigger and unhealthier, and more and more miserable because nothing happens to make their lives better. Apparently, even a movement has come about that believes that you can apply the Law of Attraction to create a body they’ve always dreamed about.

They think they’ll look lean and muscular without effort through ‘attracting’ their dream bodies by visualizing how they want to look. I kid you not. Let’s reintroduce some common sense. Butt sitting never got anyone anywhere.

The Law of Attraction that the movie The Secret and other sources are about is real, but to reap its benefits and seize its fruits, you need to know how to apply it in your life, and you need to know the nuances to its application. You can’t just start thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions and wait for all your desires to magically pop up while doing nothing.

That’s the missing link to achieving your success from the knowledge of the movie The Secret and other films and books. The true secret is ‘inspired action’. Doing nothing doesn’t help you. You need to act.

You can get clear on your intention and then go do something else to get your mind off it. It’s during those moments of ‘silence’, the moments that you’re not obsessed with what you want, that you suddenly get ideas, inspirations, hunches and so on. You must act on those inspirations.

The ‘act of acting’ alone will make you turn on the switch of the Law of Attraction, so to speak. Then, through an interplay of other Universal Laws that the movie The Secret and a whole range of books on the Law of Attraction forget to mention, the Universe will start rearranging itself according to your thoughts, emotions and actions.

You’ll get new ideas, meet new people, stumble upon new knowledge, and so on, all of which you can use in your actions that lead you to your envisioned goal step by step, through a chain of events.

And that’s how the changes you desire come about.

Your job is to recognize what exactly to act upon. For that, you need to know exactly how the Law of Attraction works in reality, in conjunction with other Universal Laws, and how things actually manifest into your life so you actually recognize your opportunities. There’s not a great number of other Universal Laws, only a few main Universal Laws that automatically cover all minor and subsidiary Universal Laws.

By understanding the nuances of the application of the Law of Attraction in conjunction with some few other universal principles (or Laws) as boundary conditions, you can make all your dreams come true. You just need to overcome your ‘selective retention’ and acquire the knowledge of just the few additional nuances you must understand to really achieve the things that the movie The Secret and others talk about.

True enough, it does require some effort, but by applying these Laws correctly you make the Universe work with you, instead of against you. And as you ‘get the hang’ of this application, the conscious effort required from you will keep on decreasing. But you’ll always need to act. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t act. That’s the additional secret of the movie The Secret. You just need to learn how to bring those inspirations about, how to recognize them, and then what to act upon. And there are simple ways to do that.

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